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Consumer Trends


Why Consumer Trends

Understanding Trends in Consumer Behavior
In business and in the not-for-profit world, everything begins and ends with consumers. Knowing, understanding and applying consumer trends and insights is critical to success. But with consumer behavior and preferences changing quickly, it is vital to monitor current trends and identify those that will most impact a business or organization. Knowledge of these trends alone is insufficient because decision-makers need to know how to apply consumer trends within a competitive environment based on best practices and case studies.

Identifying and Applying Consumer Trends
Few companies or organizations have the requisite time and resources to employ "trend spotters" or to create internal departments dedicated to trends analysis. In recognition of this marketplace need and to offer additional value to our clients, Campos Inc is dedicating itself to compiling – and constantly updating – a comprehensive summary of consumer trends that shape specific industries and impact the entire business arena. We educate and inform clients on trends, based on a wide variety of syndicated and proprietary sources, that affect their industry. We also share case studies from other companies who have leveraged consumer trends successfully. All of this insight serves as a basis for our recommendations to inform clients' strategies.

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How consumer trends impact marketing
Marketing to Millennials and Gen Y Marketing to Millennials

Campos Market Research Trends

How to Apply Trends

Our experience indicates that there are many ways to apply consumer trends including to:

  1. Influence or shape a company’s or an organization's vision.
  2. Inspire marketers to generate a new concept.
  3. Add a new product or service – or enhance an existing one – for specific customer segments.
  4. Build a communications platform that resonates with consumers currently experiencing a trend.

With our knowledge of consumer trends, we are able to answer key client questions:

  • Which consumer trends are most relevant to my industry or company?
  • How can my company leverage consumer trends in its product development strategies?
  • How can I frame my communications strategies to align with consumer preferences?
  • Which Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives will enhance my brand equity?
  • Which digital strategies will be most effective?
  • Which tactics or distribution channels will best reach my target audience?
  • What are the best practices used by my competitors that leverage consumer trends?

Campos Market Research Trends

What We Offer

Professional Services

As a thought-leader in trends analysis, Campos Inc develops research-based strategies that help our clients capitalize on marketplace trends, positively impacting their vision, strategies, products, services and marketing. Services include:

  • Industry Trend Reports that monitor how your competition is applying insights and trends and identify best practices that can be emulated.
  • Client-specific Consumer Trend Seminars, Briefings, and Workshop Facilitation which help clients formulate strategies to capitalize on consumer trends vis-à-vis major competitors.
  • Consumer Trends Presentations designed to educate and inform broader audiences such as industry associations, chambers of commerce or other business and consumer groups. These could include:

    • Major Consumer Trends Presentation
    • Mega-Trend Presentation (these are enduring trends)
    • An Industry-Specific Trends Presentation
  • Proprietary market research studies that identify how companies and organizations can leverage and take advantage of consumer trends


  • We compile and update a comprehensive summary of consumer trends from various trend spotting sources such as,,,, McKinsey Quarterly and Fast Company, as well as commercial sources such as Ford Motor Company, which release recent trend reports into the public domain.



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