We ignite innovation from the inside out.

Today the pressure is on most every organization to "innovate or die."

The pace of innovation required to keep your business stable and growing has never been faster. The average length of time a Fortune 500 company exists has declined from 61 years in 1958 to just 18 years today. What does that say about the rest of us? How will we remain relevant?

Why from the inside out?

Ideas for innovation come from many places. We believe the combination of your own people’s ideas, a deep understanding of marketplace drivers and an established facilitation process can unleash true innovation in your organization.

Most often, the seeds for innovation are already there, buried deep within the very same people who, on most days, are fully engaged with just getting the day-in and day-out work done. It’s our job to find those hidden seeds and help them to grow.

Campos Inc has a long history of supporting the innovation process for organizations large and small. From the first stages of studying your specific market for direction on where the industry is going, through voice of the customer input, prototype testing, and testing of the digital expression of the innovation, Campos has extensive experience along the whole innovation continuum.


What is CamposINNOVATE?

A defined process for deeply studying your market dynamics using our premier CamposCONTEXT360º process and then using the structure identified there to lead your internal teams through facilitated sessions that will define the possibilities for innovation in your industry.

Here’s how it works:

How it works

Our process usually begins with providing your internal people with external stimuli that help them start to see your world—their world—from a different perspective.

We help them cast the net as far and as wide as possible, working in teams and encouraging them to stretch themselves beyond what is possible today to what could be amazing tomorrow. By first individually and then collectively responding to whatever the stimuli might be, the process of innovation begins.

Then, through an iterative process, we help your teams sort and organize all the potential options for further evaluation. Our process generally ends with a short list of potential innovations that enter into the next stages of the product development process.

Campos also supports organizations in their innovative process by evaluating and developing proposed concepts, services, or products through primary qualitative research. This process begins at the point of consumer’s experiences when engaging with your new innovative concept or idea. Using a variety of methods we explore and discover your consumer’s experience in the context of our social word and the market more broadly to uncover unique perspectives.