We find answers
in the analysis.

If your study was easy or your issue simple, you would "Do It Yourself."

At Campos Inc, we are trusted with the challenging studies and the complicated issues. We conduct your benchmarks or the critical studies that could change the direction of your brand. Why? Our strategists are uniquely trained to deeply study the results of your quantitative research. And to find the answers you need to make decisions for your brand, your business, or your issue.


What is CamposQUANTx?

At Campos, we call it "QUANTx" for a reason: We reach beyond traditional quantitative research to embrace innovative and exciting technologies. Yes, we conduct online surveys, polls, and telephone interviews, but we also dive deeply into our client’s "big data," conduct market segmentation studies, partner with innovative software companies to access fast data and develop predictive modeling products that help our clients develop new products for distinct segments and industries.

Which types of quantitative studies does Campos offer?

Pretty much every type.

Our team of professional researchers, data scientists, and strategists has vast experience conducting quantitative studies that establish baseline campaign metrics and benchmarks, measure awareness and recall, examine underlying perceptions and attitudes, measure customer satisfaction, project market potential, and test concepts and messages. We focus on the competitive environment and provide our clients with valid recommendations that we can offer with complete confidence. There’s no quantitative study we haven’t conducted, regardless of the complexity.

  • Ad testing
  • Benchmark studies
  • Brand and perception
  • Competitive positioning
  • Concept testing
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Customer decision-making process
  • Image and awareness
  • Issues testing
  • Marketing effectiveness and analytics
  • Price elasticity testing
  • Sales forecasting and market potential
  • Segmentation
  • Test marketing

Which types of analyses does Campos provide?

Our quantitative and data analysts do not shy away from and are not offended by the term "data geek."

We take pride in our analytical capability and capacity to perform higher level analyses based on rigorous statistical procedures. We’re expert at applying the right test to the right situation to deliver the insights our clients need.

  • Analysis of variance
  • Cluster analysis
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Correlation analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Discriminant analysis
  • Factor analysis
  • Gap analysis
  • Market segmentation
  • Market share and volume
  • Market potential
  • Max Diff
  • Kano analysis
  • Perceptual mapping
  • Price elasticity
  • Purchase intent
  • Regression analysis
  • Segmentation analysis

What types of specialized quantitative products and services does Campos offer clients?

Campos offers three specialized quantitative products in addition to the traditional methods:


We developed CamposMARKET-ED to estimate the market potential or demand for a course or program among the right targets at different price points prior to the costly decision of whether or not to move forward. We also provide you with a competitive context by measuring awareness and perceived reputation of competing programs and competitor institutions, and recommendations on whether to move forward, and at what price.


CamposQUICKPOLL provides decision-makers with actionable data and insight within four days. Different from an Omnibus or flash poll, CamposQUICKPOLL was designed by our team of seasoned pollsters, researchers, and strategists experienced with issues management and corporate reputation specifically to assist professionals involved with brand management. We craft the questions and analyze the results within a competitive context—all within four days.


Our proprietary panel, VO!CE of the Region, is an opt-in online community of over 20,000 residents of the Southwestern Pennsylvania region. With our panel, you get consumer preferences and opinions of your product, concept, or brand in a market representative of the Mid-Atlantic region.

Float your question, idea, or concept to the panel, and get real-time feedback quickly, economically, without the need for a costly sample recruit.