About Campos

We believe that people make their best decisions when they understand their whole story.

It is our mission to help you deeply understand the complexity behind your brand, your organization, or your issue so that you can confidently take the
next strategic step.

To achieve this we provide you with these three keys to success:

A Comprehensive Plan.

We offer a menu of services along the entire research, planning, and strategy continuum—not just in the usual areas of qualitative and quantitative research. Based exclusively on the problem or issue at hand, we align the research components necessary to tell the whole story in all its complexity. It is this comprehensive understanding that gives you confidence in your strategy going forward.

Your Personal Strategist.

At Campos, the strategists’ role is to integrate and synthesize all along the research or planning continuum. Each of our strategists is trained to identify the truly strategic opportunities. Your strategist is also your guide through the process and interfaces on your behalf with all of our research experts. At the end of the day, your strategist will know and understand as much about your business context as you do—so they can help define your winning strategy.

Your Whole Story.

Our results are literally stories that we tell, rather than statistics that you decipher. We build the case for the entire context around your brand, your organization, or your issue. We use statistics as the means to the end, not the end in and of itself. It is the story that you and your team can own and easily transmit throughout your organization. And it becomes the platform from which you can safely dive into your future strategy.


We dig your data, and we also protect it.

Here’s how:

  • PHI/PII data is stored at a SOC2 audited datacenter offsite.
  • Strict control is maintained over movement of any data:
    • Access to data is restricted.
    • Portable devices, such as laptops, flash drives, and phones, are encrypted.
    • Sensitive data is transferred over secure means, such as an SSL-protected SFTP.
  • We carry cyber liability insurance.
  • Employees undergo recurring training in security awareness, including phishing and ransomware tactics.
  • New hires must pass a background check.



We are a WBENC-certified Women’s Business Enterprise and a member of these organizations:

  • Allegheny Conference: Regional Investors Council (RIC)
  • American Marketing Association
  • Insights Association
  • PRSA
  • Pittsburgh Ad Fed
  • QRCA