We help your business boom.

We provide B2B organizations with critical market information and insightful customer feedback to support accelerated growth and innovation.

Our B2B customer portfolio is broad. From manufacturers to professional services, from the most digital products to the most tangible, Campos has a team of experts dedicated to helping all types of B2B organizations grow. Manufacturing, for instance, has experienced exciting and rapid changes in recent years that require new and sophisticated planning efforts. Today’s manufacturing is much more than smokestacks and old factories. It’s about leveraging advances in technology—robotics, lasers, 3D printing, cloud computing, big data, the industrial Internet of Things—to compete and thrive against global competition. And with a rapidly changing workforce, it’s about learning to segment and engage with customers in brand new ways, increasingly with customized products and services.

It is more important than ever, therefore, for our B2B clients to deeply understand what is driving their customers—and their end users. The B2B world has largely shifted away from traditional channels to connect with buyers, such as trade shows and cold calling. More and more decision-making now occurs online, before the first sales call even takes place. This trend is expected to accelerate even more over the next 5 to 10 years for several reasons, as the workforce becomes younger, employee turnover rates increase, and new purchasing paradigms are adopted. Understanding your current and prospective customer’s journey to purchase has never been more critical.

Campos also provides solutions for B2B clients that support sales and product development strategy. It is vital to go beyond conducting an annual survey of your key customers to fulfill a company or market requirement. B2B clients gain a significant edge when they partner with us to understand the customer journey, competitive advantage, product needs, and critical market/brand metrics. Whether we are partnering with a Fortune 100 global player or a small- to medium-sized manufacturing company, our clients gain a distinct advantage that allows them to plan and execute with much higher rates of success.


What is CamposB2B?

Our team of researchers and strategists have distinct capabilities related to B2B and manufacturing that allow us to tackle complex and large research projects in an efficient and effective manner. We leverage the latest tools and methods to:

Compile and analyze existing data on markets, products, customers, channels, competitors, and brand.

Gather critical new information and insight on markets, products, customers, channels, competitors, and brand.

Integrate those findings to support improved strategy, product development, execution, and accelerated growth.

How CamposB2B helps you focus on your customer–and your customer’s customer

CamposB2B provides an improved understanding of your key customers and how they perceive and align to your products/services/value. This sets a critical foundation for B2B strategy, planning, and accelerated business growth.

DEFINE Your Key Customers.

When you identify key customers, it may be natural to think first about your “biggest customers” in relation to sales volume from the past year, but it is important go deeper than that. At Campos we use sophisticated data analytic tools and algorithms that consider ALL the historical and transaction-level data you have on your customers. From frequency of purchase to product mix, from proximity to a distribution center to average margin or discount audience, Campos can uncover the often-hidden patterns that make some customers more valuable than others. This analysis leads to a segmentation structure that can reveal the need for more customized approaches to each segment in your customer base, and ultimately more success in each of your customer channels.

Campos works closely with your internal team to gather this information. Following data analysis, segmentation, and visualization, we engage your team to ensure your team understands the findings.

SEGMENT Your Key Customers.

The majority of manufacturing companies sell their products and services to different kinds of customers and channels across multiple industries and segments. At Campos, we help you group and classify those different kinds of customers in ways that better serve your sales/marketing/product development efforts.

  • In-depth analysis and segmentation of your customer base can yield some incredible insights that support improved strategy, planning, and next steps. Often the analysis will reveal cross-channel segments that are not currently being served in the optimal way.
  • Campos can map your customer base against the universe of similar companies by using various business data tools to make this process efficient and effective. This sets the stage for a better understanding of market size and market potential, and identifies potential customers that look like your most valuable customers.
  • Improved customer segmentation enables better planning and resource allocation. Improved customer segmentation also results in improved and more targeted sales, marketing, product development, and market research efforts.
  • MAP Your Key Customers’ Journey.

    Today, the success of your brand cannot be fundamentally separated from the experience of your customer. So much of a customer’s experience now happens online that their digital and in-person experience must be considered along with the traditional measurements of brand equity. The goal of mapping the journey is to gain deeper insights from your key customers that will meaningfully accelerate growth. Where are the pain points in the process that you must overcome? How are competitors reinventing the B2B customer journey in ways that are differentiating them? How can you?

    Campos goes beyond data and works with our clients to conduct secondary and primary market research that reveals a detailed understanding of how your customer engages with you—and your competitors. In the B2B realm, primary research often takes the form of online qualitative, ethnography and one-on-one customer interviews—all validated at scale with a quantitative survey.

    NEW MARKET Exploration.

    Campos MARKETSCAN offer clients access to our industry knowledge and tools across various sectors, providing a foundational understanding of many markets before research projects even begin. For the CamposB2B MARKETSCAN, we leverage various business data tools and conduct in-depth secondary research to define the following Tier 1 information for manufacturing client target markets:

    • Competition
    • Customer types in terms of industry and size
    • Distribution channels
    • Geographic footprint
    • Growth rates and drivers
    • Key customer and segmentation
    • Market size
    • Mergers and acquisitions activity
    • Top-selling products

    When a deeper level of information is needed for target markets, Campos can also provide Tier 2 information:

    • Best practices
    • Competitor quadrants
    • Innovation
    • Market trends
    • Opportunity fit/Ranking
    • Strategic/Actionable recommendations

    Manufacturing clients often have objectives related to entering new markets, but they are unsure about customer requirements, market size, competitive environment, sales channels, and more. CamposB2B services take a structured approach to get our manufacturing clients there with confidence and at a faster speed-to-market. Campos’s market research will also result in better positioning of sales and marketing efforts moving forward. New market exploration typically requires additional market research objectives (such as in-depth interviews and/or quantitative surveys and strategy) in addition to the CamposB2B MARKETSCAN items listed above.

    NEW PRODUCT Development

    Development of new products is an essential component of business growth, but it requires a massive investment in time, money, and resources—and typically with a high failure rate. At Campos, we validate customer needs across target segments and help determine whether a new product is a “go,” “no go,” or “need to modify” early in the development process to reduce risk, optimize the process, and avoid unnecessary investment. Effective market research can also help to determine price sensitivity, most preferred products features, and result in a quicker time to market for your new product. Our staff is trained in Human Centered Design techniques and can facilitate product innovation workshops with development teams that translate the research into real-life roadmapping.


    • Cultivating Your Core Customer–and Finding Your Future One

      B2B successes and opportunities always come down to B2H—Business to Human—transactions.

      We helped a leading B2B manufacturer understand the changing demographic and brand-loyalty profiles of its customers and end users, including which sectors and segments it should focus on for growth. In helping clients find growth opportunities, we start by identifying which legacy or prospective sectors hold the most potential, based on macro trends and market forecasting. With this client, we focused on the construction and utilities verticals, performing qualitative and quantitative research among both direct customers and end users in the client’s category. We found that, while certain manufacturers enjoyed positive brand perceptions, purchases were being spread across many suppliers. Brand-centered clustering analysis of the target market, however, revealed actionable differences in those that were more loyal to our client’s brand and those that were much more opportunistic in their purchase decisions. Campos’s research gave the client the tools to protect its loyal (and aging) core customer while also cultivating the very different buyer of the future. Using that buyer persona, Campos also provided look-alike high-potential prospect lists.

    • Aligning Brand Strategy and Customer Experience

      Growth through acquisition can provide instant economies of scale and market share gains. It can also create major disruptions in sales operations, customer experiences, and brand identity.

      Campos helped a global manufacturer that had absorbed multiple suppliers establish a single, “inside out” brand strategy. Campos’s research started with conversations among company leadership and employees to help establish an authentic mission, vision, and value for the organization. We then performed data analysis on the merged entities’ combined customer files, level-setting their understanding of how many unique customers they had (fewer than they thought!) and how they differed in their purchasing behaviors (not the segments they expected!). Having baselined brand awareness and perception measures so that progress against goals could be effectively tracked, we thoroughly analyzed each growth segment, ultimately mapping out how every important touchpoint could reinforce the hard-won brand positioning that had been established.

    • Finding New Markets for Existing Solutions

      Innovation road maps choose one of two paths: new markets for existing products or new products for existing markets. Campos can tackle either or both.

      We recently helped an industrial glass manufacturer find new applications for one of its most successful technologies. Using secondary research and market surveys, Campos identified specific new applications and verticals that held more potential for growth than developing new products for existing customer bases. Campos exploited publicly-available and syndicated resources to give the client a clear view of adjacent markets and the size of opportunity they presented. We reported that the adoption and acceptance of the client’s technology was increasing in key verticals and fully researched the competition that was already supplying the demand. The comprehensive report covered patents, innovation, and best practices in the target markets, tying them back to the client’s competitive advantage within that context. Finally, primary research revealed the specific needs of prospective key customers, which the company used to hone its product positioning.