Brand-Driving Insights through Research & Analytics

Campos is a customer experience and brand planning firm with comprehensive experience working with, and in, ad agencies. Our Strategists understand the depth of analytics and insights that agencies require in order to develop brand strategies, customer experiences and creative campaigns that connect with target audiences and generate the ROI their clients expect. We work with companies from the early stages of developing a new brand and designing the customer experience to repositioning and on-going tracking of established brands.

Campos is not a creative shop; our sole focus is to support the brand and CX planning process by using our expertise in data analytics and market research to uncover brand-driving insights. Our Strategists work seamlessly with our Data Scientists and Researchers to create a team that is a cohesive extension of our partners where and when it makes sense.

Here are a few of the brands we have recently worked on with our agency partners:

We work with agency partners in a wide range of ways to support their efforts. Our research and analytics capabilities are extensive, enabling us to respond to a variety of needs. We’re most excited by the work we do to help brands and agencies identify the right target audiences and give voice to their desires, motivations, and attitudes.

Examples of the studies we conduct

  • Data integration and analysis

    • behavioral, attitudinal, operational, demographics 

  • Brand awareness and performance studies

  • Brand perception studies 

  • Brand audit

  • Secondary and syndicated tools:

    • Simmons National Consumer Study, Mosaic, Personicx, Prism, Mintel, IBIS and many others

  • Concept testing

  • Creative testing

  • Tracking studies

  • Competitive analysis 

  • Perceptional mapping

  • Syndicated segmentation

  • Marketing mix modeling

  • Consideration drivers

  • Data-driven segmentation

  • Text analytics 

  • Focus groups

  • In-depth interviews

  • Ethnography

  • Satisfaction drivers

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Loyalty drivers

  • NPS drivers

  • NPS tracking

  • NPS transactions 

  • Journey mapping

  • Customer behavioral analytics 

  • Customer lifetime value 

  • Online and mobile surveys 

  • Demand forecasting and new market identification 

  • Claims testing 

  • User experience testing 

  • Revenue drivers and decomposition studies 

  • Persona development

Example Deliverables