Brand Planning

We inspire and innovate authentic, human-centric brands for the people who matter most to your business.

Organizations are now under pressure to anticipate and respond to the individual needs of customers and prospects in near real-time. It’s easy to understand what this means for products, services, and experiences. But what does it mean for brands?

Thriving in this highly demanding environment requires organizations to focus their brands and to be more disciplined than ever about identifying their most valuable customers and prospects and then carving out a space for their brands in the hearts and minds of these individuals.

At Campos, this is our specialty. We delve deeply into customer data and market research to unveil the humans that drive your business and illuminate the commonalities among these individuals that form the foundation of a compelling brand. We triangulate these insights with the experience your organization delivers and the values it embodies to zero in on your brand’s sweet spot in the market. A position that your organization can uniquely own and authentically deliver.

We’re not a creative shop, so our sole focus is to develop brand strategies that propel our clients’ businesses forward — not on selling big, expensive branding ideas or winning awards. We work with organizations and agencies alike throughout the brand planning process to build the foundations of great brands.

We’ve Helped Clients Create More Powerful Brands

Building Brand & Patient Experience for Healthcare Network

An $18 billion national health and wellness organization engaged Campos after its acquisition of a new healthcare delivery system brand. The organization desired to align both brands under one brand strategy that focused on the patient experience. Campos used a wide array of research and data tools to delve deep into patients’ and market’s understanding of each brand and uncover unmet needs unmet needs and opportunities to differentiate. Insights were used to develop an overarching brand position, messaging, and architecture.


Working with Ad Agencies to Support Brand Planning

Campos works closely with a number of regional advertising agencies to support the brand planning process. Our staff include strategists with experience developing brands for national brands inside agencies.

In categories as diverse as candy and tourism, higher education and healthcare, Campos is trusted as a collaborative partner to facilitate stakeholder interviews and sessions, a wide variety of qualitative customer engagements, brand equity assessments, and a wide array of other research techniques.

Our Latest Thoughts on Brand Planning