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Never before have brands been called upon to respond to market change at the speed that they are today.

Between new competitors entering the market and outside innovation driving the need to pivot on a dime, what used to be a three to five year brand planning cycle is now every two years—if you’re lucky. At Campos, we take the responsibility for brand planning very seriously. When organizations come to us for brand planning, they do so because they understand that their brand is much bigger than today’s creative execution.

Why should research be an important part of your brand planning?

Data and research are the drivers of today’s brands.

With the amount of data available to every marketing or brand manager today and the capacity to deeply understand why and how customers and prospective customers connect (or don’t connect) with your brand, the focus of the brand planning effort is directly on the research. And let’s take that one step further. When it comes to brand planning, research takes on two important roles:

  1. Accurately and with confidence define your world as we know it today.
  2. Dig through the subtext to identify the patterns that are providing clues to where the brand needs to go to win in the future.

What is CamposBRANDPLAN?

At Campos, we have a specific understanding of what a “brand” is. Your brand is the discipline that guides the way your organization thinks, acts, and, ultimately, communicates. Through our BRANDPLAN process, we explore every dimension of your brand from the inside out. If your brand is to authentically reflect who your organization believes itself to be, the process starts there. Then we look deeply at both the needs of your customers (and prospective customers) and the opportunities presenting themselves in your market.

What is unique about Campos’s approach to brand planning?

We take a comprehensive, inside-out, and research-driven approach to brand planning.

It begins with defining the internal—or organizational—perceptions, expectations, beliefs and capabilities of the brand and the business. Once these internal perspectives are established and documented, we then layer in the context of the environment around the brand, including market opportunities, the competitive situation, and the needs and voice of the customer. Finally, our brand planning experts synthesize all of the various data points to construct a winning platform for organizations large and small.

What are the stages of CamposBRANDPLAN?

There are three distinct stages in the CamposBRANDPLAN:

The first stage consists of internal discovery and context research. Internal discovery includes stakeholder feedback, internal SWOT analysis, and determining mission, vision, values, and voice. Context research includes setting the framework through CamposCONTEXT360° and CamposDATADIVE. The goal is to gain a complete and accurate picture of the competitive and internal environment influencing and impacting the brand.

The second stage is external research, which includes CamposQUAL+ and CamposQUANTx. Qualitative research is used to gather direct feedback from key target audiences. Quantitative research is undertaken to provide for actionable and statistically valid insights. At the end of this stage, we create a thorough and illustrative portrait of who your customer is today and who they could be tomorrow, which will inform and impact the direction of the brand.

The third stage is synthesis and action. During this stage, we will synthesize, cross-reference, and integrate all of the findings from the internal and external research. This creates a coherent, actionable brand platform that will inform the final strategic planning document. There are five steps in this process: define the competitive advantage, define the brand platform, establish strategic objectives, collaborate on action plans, and collaborate on financial models and scorecards.

Market Research And Brand Planning

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