We re-route your customer’s journey.

Map, plan, and innovate. Proactively manage and design your customer's experience.

The best brands are now competing on customer experience.

The companies running ahead and reaching maturity in their customer experience are demonstrating a 3X increase in customer retention and financial performance and more clearly understand the continuum between customer experience, behavior, and business outcomes.

Increasingly, companies are learning that, rather than just reacting to the journeys that consumers devise for themselves, brands have a role in shaping their customers’ path to engagement.

We provide the opportunity to lead, rather than follow, by uncovering experiences that provide value to both the customer and the brand. Marketers are increasingly managing journeys just as they would any product and learning that, by providing customers value in this way, customers stay loyal.

We help companies and brands define, design, and refine journeys to attract customers and keep them. We help create customized experiences so finely tuned that, once consumers get on the path, they are unlikely to consider competitors.

No matter the product, service, organization, or legacy, brands need to be prepared to engage in research, strategy, and design thinking to address changing the customer experience.


What is the Campos role in CX planning?

At Campos, we have a multi-disciplined team of researchers and strategists who partner with you to lead your customer experience planning process from start to finish. Through each of the stages, a Campos research expert is engaged—data scientists, qualitative and quantitative researchers, ethnographers—along with a CamposCX strategist whose role is to effectively innovate and plan the customer experience at the end of the process.

What are the stages of CamposCX?

Data Is the Foundation

Our research team enhances your data to build deeper knowledge of customers. We analyze the database and overlay external data to better understand your customer and market with household-level profile information on lifestyle and entertainment preferences, brand preferences, digital platforms and potentially many other attributes that enable us to group and explain certain factors.

With this robust set of data in place, we then analyze and segment customers based on similarities that arise in the data. This is an exploratory process that allows us to see connections that would otherwise stay hidden.

Data Footprints Guide Qualitative Study

With guidance from the data, we use qualitative research to learn more about what customers think and feel. We use a variety of research approaches to capture the behavioral/emotional moments that immerse us in the customer experience.

Quantitative Research Validates the Thesis

A broad quantitative survey will be performed to statistically validate the findings from previous steps. This gives us confidence that when replicated in the larger market, the key elements identified will hold true.

We Come Together to Innovate

Once the research is complete, our team of researchers and strategists work together to identify key insights that drive the customer experience. We look for pain points and moments that delighted customers. We seek to identify the opportunities for differentiation and document the elements of the experience.

Once insights are delivered, our team of strategists works closely with the key stakeholders on your team to facilitate innovation sessions that will reinvent your customer experience.