Brand Planning Case Studies

We’ve helped clients refresh and reinvent their brands. Here are some of our very favorite projects.

 Working with Ad Agencies to Support Brand Strategy

Campos works closely with a number of regional advertising agencies to support the brand planning process. In categories as diverse as candy and tourism, higher education and healthcare, Campos is trusted as a collaborative partner to facilitate stakeholder interviews and sessions, a wide variety of qualitative customer engagements, brand equity assessments, and “Attitude, Awareness, and Usage” studies. Campos staff include strategists with experience developing brands for national companies inside agencies.

Building an Integrated Brand and Patient Experience

An $18 billion national health and wellness organization engaged Campos after its acquisition of a healthcare delivery system. The organization desired to align both brands under one brand strategy that focused on the patient experience. Campos used a wide array of research and data tools to delve deep into patients’ understanding of each brand and uncover unmet needs in the market. Insights were used to develop an overarching brand position, messaging, and architecture.

 Redefining a Brand for the Future

Under new leadership, a nationally-known drug and alcohol rehabilitation organization needed to define their brand assets and position the brand for future success. Campos conducted a multi-phase research study to understand perceptions of the brand and its competitors, shifts in consumer perceptions of the category, and the role of influencers in the referral process. Campos leveraged the strategic insights from this research to recommend a new brand vision, values, and voice for the organization, and to develop specific targeting strategies.

Legacy Brand Re-emerges As Industry Leader

After a number of mergers had left the B2B brand neglected, Campos was engaged as a partner to help define current brand equity among their key target customers and identify a long-term naming strategy. The challenge for this brand was also internal. While three competitive companies has been merged under one name (and roof) ten years prior, each legacy company’s “brand” remained—and continued to operate as silos in the organization.

New leadership recognized the need to truly integrate the company under one brand name, but it was unclear if the little known post-merger name had the recognition or market gravitas to carry the brand forward or alternatively, if it should be scrapped and a brand new naming process begun.

The final result was neither of those options, and it was a surprise to everyone. Through substantial stakeholder engagement at all levels of the organization, Campos developed a clear understanding of where each brand played—internally and externally. A subsequent customer survey confirmed that one of the three legacy brands actually had significantly higher name recognition and regard than either the merged name or the other two brands.

Qualitative and quantitative research findings played a big role in helping the internal organization rally under this one, united brand and began the process of propelling the company forward. Subsequently, Campos has contributed its expertise to this company along the entire brand and customer experience planning continuum, from advanced data analytics to quantitative market and tracking studies.