Customer Experience Case Studies

We’re proud of how we’ve helped our clients transform their customer’s experiences.

B2B Brand Maps Its Customers’ Unique Journeys and Recaptures Key Audience

Because today’s B2B buyers are nearly 60% of their way through a purchasing decision before they ever encounter a sales representative, this legacy B2B brand needed to understand the early and unseen steps customers were taking in making their purchasing decisions.

First, Campos developed an algorithm based on 15 different purchasing behaviors to segment and rank the company’s customers into different kinds of buyers. Campos then conducted extensive online and in-person qualitative research within those segments. One key customer segment quickly rose to the surface as being in need of rapid intervention. The company went quickly to work re-routing this segment’s journey, resulting in dramatically increased customer engagement and loyalty within this segment.

Deeply Understanding the Customer Drives Future Growth

A national gaming organization partnered with Campos to distinguish itself through a deep understanding of and commitment to the customer. Campos has conducted secondary, qualitative, and quantitative research projects to identify current and future customer segments and their motivations, ascertain competitive advantages, understand the impact of changing regulatory environments, and more.

Membership Clubs Have a Unique Need to Engage Members

From country clubs to city clubs, organizations with members who fund the operation have a magnified need to both solicit their input regarding the future direction of the club and be attentive to their on-going engagement with the club. Campos has worked with a variety of different membership organizations to study their brand positioning, segment their customers in order to understand their household behavior outside of the club, and document and strategize around the member journey.

Staying Ahead of Culinary Customer Expectations

A market leader in food service management engaged Campos to help their team more deeply understand the rapidly changing needs and requirements of both its higher ed and retirement community audiences.

Engaging on campus with students, Campos learned how student expectations regarding food and their relationships with servers were changing. Similarly, a new generation of active retirees at senior living centers gave voice to how the role of dining was far different for them compared to generations past.

The resulting insights were presented to a forum of executive chefs to help inform future culinary innovation appropriate to these diverse audience segments.

Designing an Ideal Experience for a New Therapeutic Device

A healthcare start-up was preparing to launch a new wearable device. Given the product’s complex set-up process, the organization needed to insure the initial customer experience was as simple as possible. Campos collaborated with the organization’s innovation team to conduct a series of customer engagements with the product in order to identify painpoints during set-up and initial use. The research uncovered unexpected issues related to device assembly but also identified workable solutions.