Research and Analytics Case Studies

Our team of top researchers and analysts deliver insights to our clients.

Supporting a Retail Optical Chain’s Growth

For more than 8 years, a national vision company has partnered with Campos to inform its brand and customer experience strategies. Using both quantitative and qualitative research, Campos's work has covered a range of topics, including brand perceptions, the customer journey, and customer loyalty. This research has uncovered invaluable insights about the brand and retail optical customers’ decision-making process as the organization has expanded its national footprint.

Evangelical Church Employs Segmentation to Understand Worshipper Needs

Leaders at places of worship across many denominations are looking for ways to better engage their congregations. Many religious organizations have engaged Campos to help them begin using the tools of marketing to better understand what their congregations expect and develop ways to better deliver an experience that will keep congregants engaged. Campos has worked with these organizations to conduct data analytics using service check-ins and donor activity, apply household level segmentation to member data and build personas, and conduct detailed worshipper studies so they can make decisions based on comprehensive congregation input.

Helping a Restaurant Chain Expand Into New Markets

As a casual restaurant chain prepared for a national expansion, Campos worked with the organization and their ad agency to establish a baseline for critical brand metrics and monitor the maintenance of these KPIs as the market expansion occurred. Campos has also advised the brand on the implications of market changes in their category and in competitive markets.

Guiding Expansion into a New Market

A leading omni-channel sporting goods retailer was considering developing a new line of products to serve the glamping (glamorous camping) market and engaged Campos to assist in understanding the opportunity.

Using a combination of secondary research, ethnography at glamping events across the country, and strategic ideation sessions with the product development team, Campos defined the market size, identified the appropriate target audience, and worked with product designers to uncover and prioritize unmet consumer needs.

The Campos process led to the development of four new products, which came to market in 2018.