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The Customer Centric Casino

 Today’s leaders recognize that the key to improving their business is putting the customer at the center of everything by knowing that not all customers want or need the same thing. What many have learned, however, is that this is often easier said than done. It’s a constant challenge for marketers to understand the needs and desires of customers. 

In our work with several casinos across the country, we’ve seen the true power of segmentation. While casinos capture a lot of data, putting that data to work to drive their marketing effort is the challenge. Working in very different markets we were able to help address distinct issues being faced at each of the sites by honing in on the several types of customers unique to each casino. The results showed both the power and the versatility of the strategic use of segmentation tools.

The role Campos plays in helping casinos know their customers and strategize for growth.

Campos is a customer experience and brand strategy firm that focuses specifically on helping growth-oriented organizations develop the strategies they need to thrive. We have worked with major casinos in three very different markets to help address distinct issues being faced at each of the sites. For each client, the end results showed both the power and the versatility of Campos’ strategic use of segmentation tools.

Segmentation offers a common language to define, measure, describe, and engage audiences through accurate segment definitions that enable more strategic and sophisticated conversations with consumers. These segments are based on many types of information—demographics, purchasing information, attitudes, and more. This "post-demographic" approach allows us to get beyond the basics of age, income, and ethnicity to focus at least as much on customers'  lifestyles, motivators, and values.

First, we look at the casino's patron-level behavioral, or operational, data, which is captured via loyalty cards, survey data, or other means. Then, by marrying customers' actions to the segmentation system, the different customer types come to life. High-frequency or high-spend visitors are now fully profiled and differentiated from their lower-value counterparts. Each value segment is characterized across hundreds of possible attitudinal and purchasing/brand attributes - like what model of car they have or how much they spend when they go out to eat. These attributes come together in identifying lookalike segments to build out target groups. 

By building out personas for the most promising short- and long-term current and prospective customer segments, we put structure in place for high-impact targeted marketing. Resultant campaigns are informed by not only who to pursue, but also what motivates them to go to the casino, and what messaging convince them to go more, spend more, or bring more friends.

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