Secondary market research and trend research company

See the forest
and the trees

Before your next big initiative or research study, step back and get grounded in what is already known about your company, brand, idea, service area, or marketplace.

Many times companies embark on proprietary research without asking the question, “What research and data is already out on the competition, changes in customer trends, or marketplace ‘best practices’?”

As it turns out, there’s a lot. But there’s an issue: Few organizations have the time, resources, or, most importantly, the skilled analysts to gather and synthesize this information into a comprehensive, actionable story with a 360-degree view.

With just a two-week turnaround, CamposCONTEXT360° provides you with a facts-packed, trends-savvy research report based on specialty tools, syndicated services, and all relevant available information sources.

Secondary market research and trend research company

What is CamposCONTEXT360°?

Very often, much of the information and insight a client wants and needs is already available. The problem is that it is not in one place, and it has not been integrated into a coherent framework or report.

CamposCONTEXT360° provides marketplace context for your organization, brand, or idea based on publicly available information and leveraging specialty research tools. Our analysts amass, curate, and synthesize all accessible stats, trends, social, and “best practices” data to quickly deliver insights that put you ahead of the competition in meeting emergent customer needs.

As a secondary research tool, CamposCONTEXT360° distills and delivers what you need to know before launching your next initiative or a primary research study.

Your 360-degree view will be built by our dedicated secondary researchers using the following techniques and data types:

What is Secondary Research? Secondary Market Research And Our Secondary Research Methods.

Which data sources are used for CamposCONTEXT360°?

Here’s where we’ll find your story:

Competitive Landscape: How your unique attributes stack up will emerge from assessing key competitors’ websites, press releases, online marketing materials, annual reports, advertising and social media content, as well as trade associations data, the NAICS, Dun & Bradstreet, and Hoover’s, among other sources.

Trend Watching: Growth drivers and what commentators see as today’s “best practices” will come out of financial and consulting firm reports, think tanks, peer-reviewed journals, government sources, materials from research houses like Euromonitor International, Gallup and Pew Research, and syndicated research resources IBISWorld, Mintel, and Factiva.

Social Listening: Organizational or product vulnerabilities and opportunities–and how customers feel about them–will be mined with Sysomos, a leading listening tool that tracks Facebook, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, along with countless blogs and forums like reddit, Topix, Yelp, industry-specific discussion boards, and consumer reviews.

Industry & General Media: Insights on how your organization, the competition and the marketplace of interest are being talked about will be found in top-tier public and industry media content.

Public & Syndicated Data: Census/government information, syndicated consumer databases, and open source data sets provide a statistically sound grounding for your area of inquiry. We have the tools to find, extract, manipulate, and analyze the rapidly expanding–but difficult to handle–stratosphere of information.

Consumer Segment Insights: Consumer segmentation analytics will focus your strategies and tactics on the highest-potential targets and tell you all about them! Each segment is attributed with thousands of demographic, psychographic, purchase behavior, technology, and attitudinal characteristics, producing personas that bring your audiences to life.

Together, with the benefit of synthesis and domain expertise, our analytical team gives you a comprehensive view of your organization or product in context.

Wow factor

CamposCONTEXT360° is a fast but comprehensive review and synthesis of existing data, research and syndicated offerings that otherwise can require costly ongoing subscriptions. In just ten business days, we handcraft a polished and compelling report that delivers best-in-market insights in your category or concept of interest.

Competitive landscape

In many cases, secondary is the right choice when you have amassed a lot of information, but it is incomplete and sitting in silos. You don’t have the time or personnel to synthesize it and write a narrative that can be shared at all levels in your organization. Our staff of integrated thinkers can turn around comprehensive insights and recommendations within two weeks. Secondary research is also frequently the right prerequisite for primary to make sure you are not re-inventing the wheel, and that your research is grounded in the most current market and consumer behaviors.

Don’t miss a thing

Our dedicated secondary research team is adept at synthesizing vast amounts of data and distilling information down to the most meaningful insights that your team can easily understand and digest. Inputs can include research already sitting on your shelf, as well as industry thought-leadership that your stakeholders may already be aware of. We also know how to find, manipulate and analyze government databases and the expanding number of publicly available data sets as well.