We dig the story
out of your data.

At Campos, we have a team of data scientists that know data—all types of data. But we always start with the most important: yours!

Why your planning process should begin with your own data.

Most organizations have vast quantities of data, but are often at a loss over what to do with it. A common refrain we hear from organizations is, “My data is a mess.” Nevertheless, it is the place to start. Enormous business intelligence is often overlooked because the task of mining the data appears monumental.

Yes, data can be all over your organization: in sales, marketing, operations, distribution, or any other department. This is even more the case with what is referred to as “sentiment data,” which includes unstructured data in the form of social media conversations, tweets, emails, and website visitor traffic, as well as presentations and documents that have been stored but never analyzed. A conservative estimate is that 90% of all data is in this unstructured form.

Hidden within the large stores of data inside your organization are insights that could inform branding, marketing, advertising, and provide strategic direction in creating customer profiles and segments based on purchase behavior and perceived attitudes toward a brand.


What is CamposDATADIVE?

CamposDATADIVE is our approach to leveraging “big data” for your competitive advantage. We help you optimize your vast quantities of data—both structured and unstructured. Our data analytics experts access, aggregate, and integrate all of your data into a form that allows for the uncovering of key insights related back to company strategy and tactics, and can inform branding, advertising, and marketing initiatives.

Which structured and unstructured data can help me better understand my customer and enhance my brand?

We are experts at cleaning, organizing, and analyzing a company’s internal data. That includes sales figures, time sequence data, as well as varied customer information, including demographics and purchasing patterns. Any data that a company has on its customer, products, or distribution channels can be scrubbed and analyzed.

We are also adept at working with any type of internal company data that is unstructured—data that does not reside in a relational database, but does exist across the organization in some digital or printed form. Sources of data or information that hold the most value include:

  • Social media conversations
  • Tweets
  • Web analytics
  • Visuals, photos, and audio files
  • Email messages
  • Word processing documents
  • Presentations

Which types of “big data” can be appended to my own data?

Another step in the CamposDATADIVE process is appending industry, government, and commercial syndicated sources to your company data.

Overlaying external secondary data to your existing internal data helps you fully leverage the scope of “big data” by providing a competitive framework to better understand your customer and market. The most common data we append includes:

  • Census population data and trends, workforce development statistics
  • Basic industry data by NAICS and other classification codes
  • Syndicated market segmentation data from MOSAIC USA, Nielsen Claritas PRIZM, Simmons, and other segmentation systems