We ignite innovation from the inside out.

Today the pressure is on most every organization to "innovate or die."

The pace of innovation required to keep your business stable and growing has never been faster. The average length of time a Fortune 500 company exists has declined from 61 years in 1958 to just 18 years today. Beyond just making incredible products or delivering excellent services, our most fundamental business question now is, “How will we remain relevant in a world that changes ever faster?”

Innovation isn’t magic.

It doesn’t appear out of thin air. Most often, the seeds for innovation are nearby, hidden within the people who, on most days, are fully engaged with just getting the day-in and day-out work done. We believe that bringing out your people’s ideas, through a deep understanding of marketplace drivers and an established facilitation process can unleash true innovation in your organization.

We find hidden seeds and help them grow.

Campos has a long history of supporting the innovation process for organizations large and small and we know how to work along the whole innovation continuum. Our process leads your internal teams through a structured and proven approach to discovering the possibilities for innovation. From the first steps to the finish we know how to study your market, research where your industry is going, and test the innovative solutions you develop.


Here’s how it works.

Our process begins with providing your team with stimuli to help them start to see their world from a different perspective. We help them imagine their problems and opportunities broadly, working in teams and encouraging them to stretch themselves beyond what is possible today to what could be amazing tomorrow. Then, through an iterative process, we help your teams sort and organize all the potential options for further evaluation.

customer innovation

Strategy is about making choices. Creating a new world of possibilities is one thing. Narrowing that world back down into action is where strategic thinking lies. Our strategists work with your team to make the tough choices about what things to do and what things to drop.

But it’s not hunches and dumb luck. Good strategy making combines rigor and creativity. Strategy should be creative and scientific — it involves generating and testing hypotheses. It’s critically important to know what you need to know to make decisions.

That’s where our 30-plus-year experience in research shines. We can support the innovative process by evaluating concepts, services, or products through dozens of forms of primary research. Using the exact methods your innovation needs, we explore and discover your market, your consumer’s experience, and give you the ability to know that your strategy is sound.