Campos is in compliance with the Insights Association Code of Standards and Ethics for Market Research and Data Analytics. This means the information you provide will be stored in our secure database and kept strictly confidential. It will never be sold to third parties or shared outside Campos. We will not spam or sell your email address to third parties, nor attempt to solicit any type of sales from you via your email address. Full code terms are here. Our data security measures are listed here.

COOKIES. We will not collect any personal information from you via this website that you do not volunteer. However, our site uses cookies, which automatically record information in our server logs sent by your browser, including IP address, the pages visited, and other non-personally identifiable information, which we use to analyze our site traffic.

PERSONAL INFORMATION DISCLOSURE. By participating in the Campos/VOR research community, you are agreeing to disclose certain personal information to Campos and Marketing Systems Group (“MSG”), our platform provider. MSG has agreed to adhere to our privacy policy and to maintain strict confidentiality of your personal information. Refusal to disclose information to Campos or MSG will mean that you will be unable to be considered for or participate in Campos research studies. Information is typically kept until you opt out of the community and request deletion of your profile data by calling or emailing us.

USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION. If you choose to register or submit personally identifiable information to us, it will be used solely by Campos to match your characteristics up with required participant criteria for research studies you may be qualified for. Notifications of new research studies and any relevant announcements about the community itself will be the only communications we will send to the email address you provide. The phone number you provide may be used by our call center to contact you regarding research studies. You agree to the use of such information in accordance with this privacy policy.


The Campos/VO!CE of the Region (“Campos/VOR”) research community is open to anyone who is at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of the United States of America. To become eligible to participate in Campos/VOR research studies or programs, you must create a profile. Your community member profile credentials will be sent to the email address you provide in your profile. Membership denotes an agreement to notify Campos of a change in e-mail address or change in any personal information in order to continue to be a member in good standing and eligible to participate in programs or be considered for upcoming research studies. Becoming a member of the Campos/VOR research community and participating in programs is an agreement to all the rules, regulations, and laws applicable. Every member profile is limited to one person and one e-mail address. Members may only participate if said participation is lawful. If any law, rule, or regulation is broken, including these terms and conditions, your profile will be terminated, and your ability to participate in any research study or program will be revoked at the sole discretion of Campos


Campos/VOR’s participation appreciation programs (“programs”) are created as a gesture of thanks for being a member of our research community.

RESEARCH STUDIES & CAMPOS. Oftentimes, a market research study calls for participation by one or more people who meet a stringent set of criteria and reflect a client's target audience (“participants”). Campos recruits participants for these studies.

FINDING PARTICIPANTS. Campos has a proprietary database of thousands of Southwestern PA residents who have opted in to hear about paid research study opportunities. These residents make up our research community, and they create informational profiles that Campos consults to identify potentially-qualified participants for studies.

QUALIFYING FOR STUDIES. Campos contacts you if you are potentially qualified to participate, usually via email, notifying you of the new study and directing you to an online questionnaire. The online questionnaire is designed to evaluate full qualification based on the stringent criteria of the study. If you qualify, you are notified onscreen that you will be contacted by phone to confirm your responses and a formal invitation to join the study.

MONTHLY DRAWINGS. Campos does an end-of-month random drawing of 4 names from the list of everyone who completed a questionnaire that month, but didn't qualify. Each receives one of four $25.00 digital prepaid Visa cards as a token of appreciation for their participation and time. Entries are cleared on the first of each month and a new drawing period begins. Entries do not carry over to the following month’s drawing, or any drawing thereafter. Winners are ineligible for drawings for 3 months. Entries begin accruing October 1, 2018. Our first drawing will be October 31, 2018. 

QUALIFYING FOR DRAWINGS. If you answer one of our qualifying questionnaires and reach a screen that says you do not qualify for that particular study, each time this occurs, you will receive one entry in our end-of-month drawings. Stakes can also be earned by referring friends and adding family members. One stake is earned for each disqualification, so you may have several stakes in a drawing. You do not receive a stake if you are scheduled to participate in the study; if you are scheduled as an “extra” for a study and end up not being asked to participate; if you are scheduled for a study and cancel. You must be a legal resident of the United States and your account must be in active good standing. People caught cheating (repeat submissions, duplicate profiles, etc.) will be banned from participating in Campos studies and programs and will forfeit any drawing winnings associated with the incident.

DIGITAL VISA CARDS. Program rewards are distributed in the form of digital VISA cards (“cards”) and will be emailed to the member requesting redemption. The card value is redeemable for goods and services purchased online and/or printed for use at VISA debit acceptance locations. Cash access of any kind is not included. Redeemed awards are not transferrable for cash. Reward processing may take up to 4 weeks. Campos shall not be responsible for cards which have been lost or stolen once they have been delivered to an intended destination. Our card fulfillment vendor, Swift Prepaid Solutions, Inc. (“Swift”), reserves the right to reissue cards which have been lost or stolen, but only up until the card’s original expiration date. Swift will assess a separate fee of $10 for any such re-issuance. Additionally, within 2 months after the card’s expiration, Swift may, at its sole discretion, reissue cards for any reason for an inactivity service fee of $2.95 per month after expiration date deducted from the cardholder’s unused balance. Customer Service: U.S. and Canadian cardholders will have 24/7/365 web access and a toll-free IVR number to review transaction history and current balance. Live operator assistance will be available during Swift’s normal business hours. Cards are the sole property of the issuing bank and are subject to the expiration date on the face of the card. Upon expiration of the card, the card shall be terminated and any net unused monetary amount on the card shall be forfeited. Each card’s surrender value is limited to $0.001. Any unused monetary amount on the cards in aggregate (“net residual value” or “nrv”) shall be retained by company. Campos and Swift (and their respective employees, agents and representatives) are harmless from and against any and all loss, liability and expense (including court costs and attorneys’ fees) relating to third party claims, demands, or actions arising out of or in any way related to the possession or use of cards.


Membership in the community serves as an agreement to disclose accurate any information at all times. If information that is provided is untrue, inaccurate, or suspected thereof, or duplicate profiles are created with intent to defraud the company, Campos reserves the right to terminate your profile and refuse future access to the research community. Fraud or abuse relating to any program, including creating multiple profiles, multiple submissions of the same qualification questionnaire, or tampering with associated web-links, may result in the suspension or termination of your profile. In any instance or suspicion of fraud, abuse, or violation of the terms and conditions, Campos will be the sole determiner. The Campos/VOR research community is a platform provided to an individual, not a company nor any other entity.


Our site may contain links to other web sites which may or may not be owned or operated by us. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any of those web sites, including their use of any information that is collected from visitors to their sites. Our privacy policy only addresses our use and disclosure of any information we collect from you. To the extent you disclose personal information on other web sites, even those to which you have linked to through our site, different rules may apply to their use or disclosure of that information to third parties. We do not control the privacy practices of those sites and therefore strongly encourage users to familiarize themselves with the privacy practices and customs of any web site controlled by a third party before disclosing any personal information on that site.


Participation in the Campos/VOR research community, programs, or any other benefits provided is at the sole discretion of Campos. We reserve the right to terminate the community and/or programs or change any terms and conditions and/or participation rules at any time by providing updated information on this page. Changes may include availability of rewards, number and value of rewards given, and increasing the threshold to receive any reward. No vested rights. Campos is not liable to you should we terminate the program or the Campos/VOR research community.


Services and programs offered by Campos are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Campos makes no warranty that they will meet members’ requirements, or be timely, without error, or uninterrupted.


Campos and affiliates are not liable or responsible for any losses, whether they be incidental, direct, indirect, special, or consequential. Campos is not responsible for losses that result from participation or the inability to participate. In no event will Campos’s liability, either jointly or severally, exceed the amount of $100. 

Participation in the Campos/VOR research community is voluntary. Study participants are not considered employees of Campos. Campos reserves the right to change this policy at any time by publishing new terms on this page.

This page was updated on March 4, 2018.