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We make it easy to get the insights you need from your customers and prospects through first-class recruiting and facilities.

Recruitment is rarely a straightforward process, and it will only grow to be more complex as the target audience that marketers and researchers need to reach become more narrower and harder to find. When confronted with delivering a difficult audience, Campos couples our decades of expertise with creativity to resolve the challenge. Our team pairs both innovative and traditional recruitment methods with creative engagement tactics to ensure that your research goals are met using the best possible group of respondents. 


We take pride in our recruiting, ensuring that our clients can speak to great representatives of the target audiences they seek. Recruitment is rarely straight-forward and marketers are looking for ever more niche audiences. When confronted with delivering a difficult audience, we couple our decades of expertise with creativity to resolve the challenge.

Innovation Spaces and Focus Group Facilities

We have a nationwide partner network of focus group facilities and innovation spaces that provide a perfect launching pad for big ideas. It’s not just focus groups with one-way mirrors. We can accommodate group discussions in conference, theater or classroom style, IDIs or mini-groups, living room set-ups, mock jury presentations, software usability testing, and we’ve even done sleep testing with mock bedrooms.

Our Flagship Facility 

Our brand new space, located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh’s Cultural District, is just what you need for any type of research, planning, or innovation.

Our Focus Group Spaces

We have two focus group rooms with capacities of up to 12 for a focus group set up, 16 in a classroom style, and 26 for theater style. Both rooms feature HD digital audio and video recording from ceiling mounted video cameras and mics with back-up storage, a 65” wall-mounted display monitor, and excellent natural light.

Behind the oversized one-way mirrors are client suites featuring a viewing room with tiered seating for eight observers that make it comfortable to listen to your customers.


This flexible space is fully configurable for any need and features both conference tables and a living room style discussion area. It also features a 65″ display monitor with web and teleconferencing capabilities. White board walls are available on all four walls to capture every idea. Three breakout/huddle rooms are also available with roundtable seating for four, with a 47” wall-mounted display monitor in each room.

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Let us help you recruit the right audience or plan the perfect focus group.

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