Strategic Planning

We assist organizations with building roadmaps to achieve their visions.

Strategy is all about making choices: about what to do and – just as importantly – what not to do. Winning strategy is about making clear, distinctive, and proactive choices that will build value for your organization. But it can be difficult to objectively make these choices when you’re right in the thick of things or to reach consensus around these choices across the diverse group of stakeholders who will be responsible for executing them.

That’s why organizations hire Campos to be an unbiased facilitator of the strategic planning process. Our seasoned strategists work with leadership groups to clearly define the strategic problem then guide them through the process of generating a range of strategic choices, evaluating these and, ultimately, narrowing them down to a logical cascade of the best possible choices that can inspire action throughout the organization.

Inspired by the work of Michael Porter, A.G Lafley, and Roger Martin, our approach walks leaders through a specific sequence of planned meetings and activities that help them to arrive at the choices that will provide a competitive advantage and create a roadmap for achieving the organization’s vision. And our heritage in market research and data analytics means you’ll have a full suite of research and data analytics capabilities at your disposal to support the strategic planning process.

We’ve Helped Clients Build Winning Strategies

Legacy Brand Re-emerges As Industry Leader

HarbisonWalker International (HWI) is the leading supplier of refractory products and services in the United States. After a number of mergers had left the brand neglected, Campos was engaged as a partner to help define current brand equity and identify a long-term naming strategy. Subsequently Campos led strategic planning efforts and helped define customer engagement strategies in the U.S. Over the last four years, Campos has contributed its expertise along the entire planning continuum, from advanced data analytics to quantitative market and tracking studies.

Most recently, Campos has completed a customer journey project that tackled the changing nature of the B2B buyer. Today’s B2B buyers are nearly 60% of their way through a purchasing decision before they ever encounter a sales representative—HWI needed to understand how these buyers make their purchasing decisions and adjust their sales and marketing strategies accordingly. Campos delivered that understanding, developing an algorithm based on 15 different purchasing behaviors to segment the company’s customers into different kinds of buyers. Campos then conducted qualitative research with those segments across a variety of industries to make strategic recommendations about how to meet the needs of today’s refractory buyer.


Supporting The Innovation Process

Safest Seats, a spin-off of 4moms, is a startup intent on making the safest high-tech baby gear on the market. When 4moms’s co-founder and chief technology officer decided to launch this new venture, he partnered with Campos to support him along the innovation cycle.

From consulting on the product value proposition to engaging with prospective customers to performing market validation, Campos has employed its expertise in decision science and behavioral economics, primary and secondary research, and market planning to support the Safest Seats innovation team in reimagining its go-to market strategy for a critical new product line.

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