strategic planning process definition

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Many companies struggle to define what is “strategy” within their organization.

We adhere to the belief that strategy is simply this: “An integrated set of choices that uniquely positions the firm in its industry so as to create sustainable advantage and superior value relative to the competition” (Michael Porter). By this definition then, strategy is all about choices. And winning strategy is about making clear, distinctive, and proactive choices that will build value for your organization.

The best leaders and organizations engage in making integrated choices; that is, by evaluating the set of choices at hand and through integrated thinking, connecting the dots between them to define the BEST possible choice.

What is the Campos role in strategic planning?

We are your integrated thinkers.

We are strategists, analysts, and researchers that help you and your management team first define the possible options, and then dig into the data and uncover the insights necessary to determine which of the options (or which combination of options) will add the most value to your organization. We work closely with you and your team to construct a logical cascade of choices that make sense and can inspire action all the way through your organization.

strategic planning process definition

What is CamposSTRATPLAN?

Inspired by the work of Michael Porter, A.G Lafley, and Roger Martin, we approach strategic planning as a discipline that guides the choices that an organization makes–choices to DO some things, and, equally important, choices to NOT DO other things. It is our job to walk you and your organization through a specific sequence of planned meetings and activities that help you arrive at the choices that will provide you with the competitive advantage you seek.

What is unique about Campos’s approach to strategic planning?

Many organizations start their strategic planning process by spending months defining every element of information that they may possibly need to begin the strategic planning process.

We begin by helping you define the strategic problem to be solved and the strategic choices for solving that problem. Then we work with your team to define the possible ways you could win. Only then do we begin the analysis of the critical components of information that are necessary in order to determine which strategy will help the organization best to win. The fact that we are a fully integrated research organization supports your strategic planning effort by giving you access to a full suite of research capabilities that are used to clearly define and document your winning strategy.

Research-driven Strategic Brand Planning