Less is More

Consumers are gravitating toward “simple” products and experiences (even vicarious ones) that are made for the social media age. As technology becomes more inescapable and it becomes harder to truly disconnect, simplicity in form and function provides a crucial relief to the overwhelmed consumer.

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Brand Identity vs Brand Strategy

Knowing exactly what a brand was used to be easy. The word had just one meaning. It was the mark that determined how one farmer knew his cattle from that of the farmer down the road. Now the term has come to mean so much more and with that expanded definition has come a slew of ways to misunderstand it. 

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Keeping Your End of the Data Bargain

Among the most frequent grievances we hear about these days comes from customers who are disappointed when the brand they have a relationship with doesn't seem to know it. The trade we’ve all made in the digital age is simple (though perhaps should be more controversial) - we give data to companies and with it they make our lives a little easier.

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