Customer Experience: Where to Begin?

Not sure how to get the ball rolling in the customer experience planning process? Here are three steps you can take that will help you get started.

Determine your CX baseline

To do so, engage a wide range of stakeholders–both senior and junior–in a workshop uncovering the current state of their customer experience from a variety of perspectives within the organization. Best practices include:

Engaging colleagues from all departments who interact with customers.

Leveling the playing field through structured exercises or expert facilitation.

Bringing customer data and customer research to the table to inform the discussion.

Keeping a strict focus on how your customer's experience actually works right now, not how you wish, hope, or plan for it to be.

Clear your calendar

Pull your team together and buckle in for a full day of work to find out where you fall short of your ideal experience and start to make plans to improve. We recommend a full-day session held offsite in a creative lab or innovation space. Look for a room with high ceilings, white boards, or anything else you like to get ideas up on the wall and out of your head. We think in-person meeting are best, but video conference if you must. Here’s what to cover:

Who are your customers?

What is the ideal customer experience?

Where do you need data to confirm or explore assumptions about the customer experience?

Define next steps and assignments.

Sum up the work

Compile what your team has done and share it internally to stakeholders. Once the session is complete, the insights should be gathered, synthesized, and presented back to stakeholders in an executive summary. This document will serve as the foundation for the most important part of the plan: execution.

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