Bad Restaurant List is Bad

The lists of best new restaurants never seems to end and this week we can add another one to it. This one is a little more expansive than most can claim. The 100 Best Places to Eat according to Yelp (via Food and Wine Magazine) is a big, nationwide, listing of the most/best reviewed restaurants on Yelp.

This is a garbage list.

Sure, there is some hometown bias here, but this list just clearly misses the mark. The three entries from Chicago look nice, but they definitely aren’t even the best places to eat in this city, let alone the nation. That no restaurants from Pittsburgh made this list is equally ridiculous.

Here’s are, in no particular order, three of the best places to eat that are not on the Yelp list from our cities:


Aba, Funkenhausen, and Ramen San


Il Pizzaiolo, Morcilla, and Banh Mi and Ti

But a list like this is more than just fodder for some internet opinion giving. In a report on the importance of Customer Experience planning, our CEO AJ Drexler looks at the impact of Yelp and similar services on the experience that consumers have with finding and enjoying a restaurant experience.


Minding Your Customer’s Experience?

(If not, you can bet your competitor is!)