There Are Many Ways to Rank Cities. These Two Are The Best

Transit and Tacos.

This makes Chicago the clear winner as best city according to great (though admittedly unscientific) survey and analysis by the urban-planning focused blog CityLab.

Inspired by a tweet and brought to life through a simple survey, the concept seems pretty sound to the team in the Campos Chicago office. It’s hard to disagree with the assessment and with yesterday’s news about the improved 311 system bringing the lessons of customer experience to the city’s residents, things are looks rosy in the Windy City.

While there may be some marginally better tacos in the southwest (and some definitely warmer winters), that whole region of the country has nothing to brag about when it comes to transit yet. However, the transit world is changing. LA is making a push; they have big transit plans in motion and they already edge out Chicago in tacos. In Pittsburgh, Campos is working with the Port Authority of Allegheny County to improve the brand and customer experience for riders.

This huge project, spearheaded by the CEO Katharine Kelleman aims to reinvent the transit agency for the future. The team at the Port Authority has a great vision and is working hard to move Pittsburgh’s transit in the right direction.

We are sure to see a rise in transit ranking for Pittsburgh from that work, but unfortunately it won’t solve being second worst for tacos.