Customer Experience Impacts Resonate Across Industries

No company or organization is immune from the relentless drive toward improving customer experience. That drive extends across all industries and categories and the customer sees no industry silos. This means that in the realm of customer experience, the competition is no longer just between one company and another in the same industry, but every company against the experiences their customers find throughout the rest of their lives.


In Atlanta, the new Mercedes Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL and Atlanta United in MLS, has introduced fan-friendly pricing at all events. The prices are incredible. (And the effect to their bottom line ahs been good too. According to ESPN, the Falcons made 16 percent more revenue despite a 50 percent price reduction compared with their last season in the Georgia Dome.

This is clearly a terrific value as compared to what fans have become used to in professional sports. Once seen, this value has set a standard. Yet it’s more than just the other professional sports teams in the area who have to compete with the new fan-friendly gauntlet. They have punctured a hole in the entirety of the entertainment industry and beyond. When it comes to the value of a dollar for concessions the impact is widespread - concerts, bars and restaurants, and even the airport can no longer lean on a structure that supports the pricing they once relied on.

The continuous resetting of expectations has, of course, made it to the healthcare industry. If healthcare organizations are going to view their enterprises as customer-centric organizations, they must see the wide range of expectations that are set across the entire ecosystem. This means not only measuring themselves against their competitors and other leaders in customer experience, but across the entirety of their organization. It is key to recognize that the patient experience has to be developed from higher than the internal department level, or the inpatient unit level, or even by the clinical transaction being executed. Consider the impact on Southwest Airlines if ONLY their baggage handling system had received a mandate to be customer centric?

That’s typically where we come in. Campos has a specialty in assisting healthcare organizations in deeply understanding their patient’s experience and using that intelligence to develop strategies to drive the greatest value for the organization and patient.

Using our experience in healthcare data analytics to identify key customers and visualize their behavior and then integrating that knowledge with a variety of market research techniques to personally engage the patients, we enable organizations in high-touch industries to cut through their sometimes exclusive focus on process improvement or data analysis to envision a competitively better experience through the eyes of their customers.

By approaching patient experience from a diagnostic perspective, we give voice to the customer and provide unbiased guidance on how to enhance their journey to drive loyalty and share of wallet. We’re strategists, not implementers, so you can be confident that our only objective is to understand what drives your customers’ behaviors and to help you harness these behavior drivers to grow your business.