On the Ground and In the Air: Perspectives of CX

We’re in the business of people — identifying who they are to a company, segmenting them to learn more about their lifestyle, and determining the drivers that either help or hinder their motivation to do something. 

As a team that travels back and forth across major cities, we know for a fact that there are two things sure to hinder anyone’s motivation: running late to board a flight and baggage claim. The Pittsburgh International Airport has just unveiled their plans to transform every Pittsburgh traveler’s customer experience and solve for these two huge pain points, among many others.

Customer experience, as we mentioned in a recent post, has to work cohesively with the brand in order to successfully deliver on the brand promise. The vision of the Pittsburgh International Airport (PIA) is “To transform Pittsburgh’s airports to reflect and serve the community, inspire the industry, and advance the region’s role as a world leader.”


Though it takes a lot of heat from locals, the PIA has recently been working around the clock to fulfill this vision, adding 30 destinations in just the last four years and creating an enriching online experience for both new and returning customers. However, from a customer experience standpoint, the airport has a lot more eyes on it than just those of its frequent flyers. In an article for the Pittsburgh Business Times, Allegheny County Airport Authority CEO Christina Cassotis said that the renovation is “the last piece of the puzzle of the region’s renaissance.” 

While this architectural transformation is critical to the functional health of the airport’s brand and service offerings, it is perhaps even more influential to consider how it will transform visitors’ first impressions of Pittsburgh’s brand. As Carolyn Sponza of Gensler put it best, “The airport is a gateway and a front door to the region.”

While it is imperative to get granular in research and evaluate each point of a customer’s journey to find out where your strategy is going wrong, it’s just as important to step back and take a bird’s eye view. For this reason, Campos is equipped with an integrated staff of data scientists and strategists, enabling us to both focus in on specific problems as well as zoom out on the big picture:

Who else is impacted by your customer experience, outside of just those direct customers? How does your customer experience speak more broadly to your values, and how do those values compare among the brand values of brands around you?

Your brand is a gateway, too — you just need to understand where it leads.