Our New Whitepaper - Meet the Market in the Middle

Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen once declared that the market a business is targeting is the most important factor to the company’s success or failure. Not the product itself, not the team behind it—the market.

For a long time, mass-marketing platforms like broadcast and retail ruled the day. Companies targeted massive customer groups—men over 40, mothers, children—and huge swaths of consumers never really had their needs satisfied. Today, with the rise of targeted advertising and digital direct-to-consumer channels, many companies are targeting to smaller markets that are large enough to disrupt major categories. Instead of targeting mothers, for example, a company might target Black millennial moms who like to cook. This is good news for customers: Companies are more deeply understanding customers’ needs and personalizing products to meet them. But it can sometimes be difficult for companies to reach these audiences.

At Campos, we know recruitment is becoming increasingly more complex as target audiences become narrower and harder to find. When confronted with delivering a difficult audience, Campos couples our decades of expertise with creativity to resolve the challenge. Our team pairs both innovative and traditional recruitment methods with creative engagement tactics to ensure that your research goals are met using the best possible group of respondents.

Our latest whitepaper is all about how we view respondent recruitment. Download it now!

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