Winning with Your Customer: What You Need to Know


A common statement that we hear from our clients is, “We want to win with the customer.” What spurs this conversation is, usually our client observes their customers' changing behavior, like switching to a competitor or they’re making more infrequent transactions. While there may not be a clear indicator of why this behavior is occurring, what all of our clients know intuitively is that the first step to winning with the customer starts--very simply--with better understanding the customer. As behaviors and markets change, understanding where the customers’ needs are now and where they are going is vital to an organization’s ability to thrive over time.

A client once described his company as deeply dedicated to its customers; and as one that is embedded in the communities it serves, helping them survive and thrive, which allows the company to continue to survive and thrive.

The challenge, as he described it, is that they are facing a sea change in the way their customers behave. He said that half of their customers now identify as primarily digital (i.e., they do not visit brick and mortar locations). He went on to say that their industry was built on the premise that the customer relationship runs through those real-world outlets. The supporting infrastructure of call centers, mobile, and online support was developed solely as a set of secondary tools to support the brick and mortar. For half of their customers, that model has flipped, and, to meet this demand, he stated that his team has to constantly improve its technology and offerings.

In order to address business challenges, like the ones facing this client’s industry or other industries where customer behavior is changing rapidly (for example, think about how the value proposition of a traditional cable subscription is evolving), it’s imperative to orient a company’s offerings to the way the customers want to do business. For several years, as more companies are adopting a customer-centric approach, we have been able to connect our clients with their customers and develop the strategies that help them win.