Brand and Customer Experience Are Inextricably Linked

Over 40 years ago, organizations came to realize that understanding how to build and activate a brand could provide massive benefits - and big profits! The same is now true with Customer Experience planning. What once was a niche enterprise is more than mainstream. In fact, it seems like every single company is engaged in some for of CX planning.  

Study after study all show that both big companies and smaller brands are dramatically increasing their interest in understanding, planning, and designing their customer experience.

It makes perfect sense. To consumers a brand identity (not to be confused with brand strategy) and a customer experience have become virtually indistinguishable. They exist at the same time and are experienced simultaneously. And yet, too often, companies are still distinguishing between these two entities internally. This leads to the creation of silos that can cause the brand and the experience to come in conflict. 

This often leads to two troublesome outcomes: Either the customer’s experience defines the brand in a way that doesn’t jive with the brand strategy (not to be confused with the brand identity). Or that strategy isn’t delivered through the actual experience of the customers. 

In both of the two cases, the outcome is disarray and presents a hazard to your brand and status in the market. 

That threat means organizations can never again ignore the connection between brand and CX and must plan for both with an eye toward the other. There must be an all-encompassing strategy to the brand and customer experience, deliberately planning and designing the whole system. It sounds daunting, but there are ways to start the process. Even some that only take one day. 

Then when it’s time for some more detailed and strategic planning, we’re here to help with both your brand and CX approach!