Millennials + Dogs = Houses

We’ve discovered another example of advertisers taking a trend we discovered and directly applying it to their creative strategy. It’s all about millennials and home buying. Even though the misconceptions about millennials still abound, one thing is for sure, they love their pups.

As we noted before - the biggest and cutest trend in millennial nesting is dog ownership. An astonishing three-quarters of Americans in their 30s—which is to say, mostly millennials—own dogs. So it makes perfect sense that we’re seeing a bevy of ads that feature Fido.

Earlier we saw Tesla introduce a Dog Mode that keeps pets in a Tesla vehicle at a comfortable temperature and lets passersby know that the pets are safe. Now it’s Wells Fargo with an ad that uses an adorable husky to make the case for buying a new home.

It’s annoyingly not embeddable, but it’s worth clicking here.

We found before that a third of millennials who purchased their first home did so, at least in part, to make space 
for their dog, so this is a smart appeal.

And as always when we post about pups, it’s an excuse to include fun photos of Campos doggies.

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