Our Latest Report - The Customer Centric Casino

Our latest report is available for download! This time the focus is on fun, namely casinos and how some of our work with casinos across the country represents the best way to think about customer centricity.

Today’s leaders recognize that the key to improving their business is putting the customer at the center of everything. What many have learned, however, is that this is often easier said than done. It’s a constant challenge for marketers to understand the needs and desires of customers. 

In the entertainment industry, that need is both heightened and complicated by new and evolving expectations from customers, especially younger ones who are demanding something different. Yet these new expectations are not universal. Just chasing trends can be a great way to alienate a customer base that is distinct from the group driving the latest innovations. 

In our work with several casinos across the country, we’ve seen the true power of segmentation. Working in three very different markets, we were able to help address distinct issues being faced at each of the sites by honing in on the several types of customers unique to each casino. The results showed both the power and the versatility of the strategic use of segmentation tools.