Quality CX Planning Brings Benefits to Business

The ways that modern consumers can learn about, purchase, and engage with products or services are only increasing and the number of brands and organizations who are responding by developing plans to guide consumers through those options is keeping pace. 

Instead of simply responding to the voyages that shoppers devise for themselves, clever marketers know there's a job for them in designing those voyages because with it comes profits.

We’ve shown it in past posts about the importance of having a true understanding of customer needs through segmentation, how no company or organization is immune from the relentless drive toward improving customer experience, and told stories about great CX improvements like that of the new and improved Chicago 311 system.

The chance to lead in customer experience (CX) planning is what makes it such exciting work and what gives it so much value to companies. Consider how today’s B2B buyers make it nearly 60 percent through a purchasing decision before they ever encounter a sales representative. CX strategy is a must to understand the early and unseen steps customers were taking in making their purchasing decisions.

We work with our clients design experiences for their customers that are so finely tuned, when they jump on, they aren’t even going to think about the competition.

We have collected some of our favorite examples of clients whose CX planning has been interesting, unique, and ultimately helped their business grow at our case studies page