Start a CX Plan

Marketers are inundated with tools, techniques, and best practices for evolving their customer experience (CX). The overabundance of ideas can leave some clients frustrated by one crucial question: “Where do I start?” We know; implementing changes in your organization is daunting at the beginning.

Most successful clients start with a structured approach to determining their customer experience baseline. Their whole team comes together to capture viewpoints from various departments, services, suppliers, or stakeholders, who all have a hand in the customer experience. Some of the least obvious roles can be among the most important. Through collaboration and sharing, everyone in the room is exposed to different perspectives, often leading to “aha!” moments.

It's also important for the group to understand that the customer’s experience is rarely linear. Customers not only discover and buy a product, but reevaluate it, share it, and experience the brand over and over. Key to successful CX planning is a pivot from thinking about the experience as just step by step, to realizing the many different connections between what customers do and why they do it.

Once a team is together and the current customer experience understood, a real framework for innovation can be created–the backbone of CX planning. Evolving your customer’s experience is a big undertaking, yes. But forming the innovation structure you need to get started can be done in just one day.

We have a great framework for it. To learn more about where to start with CX, click here.