Embed Generosity

As the consumer's interest in corporate social responsibility rises, "purpose" as a purchase trigger is a still-growing marketplace trend.

In response, instead of the passive act of monetary donations, or the challenging prospect of marketing a non-profit brand, corporations are meeting global social needs - and those of their increasingly socially-conscious customers - differently.

Effortless, convenient, easy to understand giving that brands facilitate for their customers, a trend known as Embedded Generosity, is a another way brands are answering the marketplace demand to do good and have a positive impact on the world .

We are seeing this trend manifested in one-for-one or buy one/give one (BOGO) retail brand initiatives, in which the customer "buys one," and the brand "gives one" to a cause.

One-for-one brand pioneers such as Toms have role-modeled this type of corporate commitment to giving, creating a movement that resonates with consumers.

What's the opportunity for your business? In designing an Embedded Generosity initiative, think about the causes that can be linked to your products or services. How are your products used? Think about your customers' behavior and how they spend their time. How can you connect your product or service with a charitable cause that fits into the actions and activities of your customers? Make it fun. Be sure the impact their purchase will have is clear. Make it about causes and issues they're passionate about. If you design and execute your initiative well, you will build a more authentic and deeper connection with your customers which will increase their loyalty and drive your profitability.