Ensuring Quality Recruitment

Yesterday we outlined two critical aspects required for conducting good focus groups. The first one was recruitment. At Campos, we know respondent recruitment is becoming increasingly more complex as target audiences become more narrow and harder to find. This requires both innovative and traditional recruitment methods, with creative engagement tactics, to ensure that your research goals are met using the best possible group of respondents.

Today, with the rise of targeted advertising and digital direct-to-consumer channels, many companies are targeting to smaller markets that are large enough to disrupt major categories. Instead of targeting mothers, for example, a company might target Black millennial moms who like to cook. This is good news for customers: Companies are more deeply understanding customers’ needs and personalizing products to meet them. But it can sometimes be difficult for companies to reach these audiences.

We maintain a database of consumers complete with rich profile information that helps us quickly focus in on those that meet client criteria. Our call center staff operates 100% online, providing Campos and our clients with the flexibility needed to reach our respondents during the right time of the day. And we are continuously improving and enhancing our methods for managing both data and respondent experience to maintain current member relationships and cultivate new ones.

Social media is a tool we often leverage to recruit respondents. Using social posting and advertising, we successfully target and recruit best-fit respondents for a wide range of clients. We also immerse ourselves in virtual spaces, like networking groups, chatrooms forums, and other relevant sites, to find new recruits. With marketing and social media experts on staff, we take the time to understand the target audience digitally and learn how to best communicate to them. When are they online? Where do they spend the most time? Who else do they engage with?

Even though the world is becoming increasingly more digital, some audiences are still best reached face-to-face, and the Campos team has been known to strap on our boots and hit the ground running. We employ, if necessary, different kinds of in-person recruiting methods to spread the word about our clients' studies, such as attending relevant group events or meetings, handing out hundreds of flyers, or taking the time to have conversations with people who are close to the issue to better understand how to engage their peers.

Recruitment is a critical aspect for fielding good focus groups that requires a smart effort to ensure it is done properly. When confronted with delivering a difficult audience, Campos couples our decades of expertise with creativity to resolve the challenge.