Analyze CX and Brand Together

Customer experience planning involves discovering experiences that deliver value to both customers and brands, as well as providing a framework for the customer's needs.

It seems simple, but as we have written over and over again, there are myriad ways in which experiences and frameworks can be brought to life.

“Giving the customer what they want, when they want it, in the way they want" has been said over and over in the last few years. It’s the basic paradigm that many executives frame the idea of developing customer experience around.

But it’s not always the right way to think about how to analyze customer behavior and develop a customer experience strategy to deliver an experience that matches the brand.

One great example has been from Panera Bread. Their CX work has enabled them to change the experience of the "daily oasis,” which at the very beginning of its existence was the core of Panera's brand.

By adopting a truly customer - oriented position, they see not only how even the same customer wants to interact with the restaurant in different ways at different times, but also how their single cafe space itself must adapt to the customer and his needs in a way that is true to the customers needs as well as the promise of the brand.

Panera’s brand delivers an antidote to fast food at a slower and more relaxed pace. If Panera providing “what the customer wants, when they want it, in the way that they want it” starts more to match McDonalds than the “daily oasis” of Panera, the customer experience has failed the brand.

To get it right, Panera has found spaces where speed and comfort can coexist in order to benefit the customer experience.