Pennsylvania is the Center of Political Research

With election season coming up quick, it’s going to be harder and harder to read the news and not see the outcome of some new poll, survey, or focus group that shines some light on the mood of the electorate.

Many of these studies will be coming from Pennsylvania and some come right here from Campos. We’re perfectly positioned to conduct the type of research that campaigns, parties, and media outlets want because we’re in the center of the political universe.

Pittsburgh is a go-to market for all types of market research for products and services, but it’s a can’t-miss location for political research. Pennsylvania is hugely important state that swings the electoral college, but it’s also bellwether for other swing states and districts.

The people of Pittsburgh have stories that match those of the nation. It’s a city that has seen booms and busts and more than one renaissance. Campos has access to a huge range of Americana to select from when putting together surveys or focus groups. Our region is full of both blue and white collar, all ranges of pay scales, urban corporate workers to farmers. It’s a diversity that allows us to provide a true cross-section of the country.