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Cosmic Spaghetti on Pittsburgh's buses

With our recent work for the Port Authority of Allegheny County, we’ve been paying extra attention to what’s going on in and around the buses in Pittsburgh. We’ve observed in great detail how impressive the bus operators are. They deal with a lot of tough situations, and not all of them come from bad drivers or snowstorms.

One thing we may have taken for granted is how much fun the bus seats in Pittsburgh are. CityLab, a consistent repository for interesting and entertaining articles about urban planning and city life has an excellent look at “The Good, Bad, and Ugly Public Transit Seat Covers of the World.” And right there with London, Oslo, Istanbul, and Berlin is what they call the “cosmic spaghetti” of the Port Authority’s buses.

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There Are Many Ways to Rank Cities. These Two Are The Best

Inspired by a tweet and brought to life through a simple survey, the concept of ranking cities by success in transit and tacos seems pretty sound to the team in the Campos Chicago office, where both the transit and tacos are excellent.

But we are working to change future rankings through our project with the Port Authority of Allegheny County to improve the brand and customer experience for riders.

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