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Consumer Opinion Data: Getting Creative at Crunch Time

Pollsters working on political campaigns have always placed a premium on rapid access to public opinion data. Our clients’ need to obtain actionable consumer opinion data and insights within 24-48 hours has increased exponentially. Four types of decision-makers are coming to us for quick-turn information they can use, each with obstacles they find hindering their process.

The challenges for all of them are two-fold: first, how can it be done affordably? Second, how can strategic insights, in addition to data, be gathered so that the value proposition increases?

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We Don’t Sleep on Innovation

Tens of millions of Americans struggle with sleep issues. Common in both men and women, poor sleep is linked to chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes, and negatively affects a range of personal indicators, like reaction time, alertness, and mood. But lack of sleep is also a public health problem: Sleepiness has been linked to an increase in on-the-job accidents and car crashes, among other incidents.

With the escalating interest in the sleep category, and so many manufacturers testing their products and collecting consumer feedback, it is important to continuously refresh the community of sleeplessness sufferers to recruit for qualitative research. Campos recognizes both this market research need and the importance of good sleep, so we decided to create a Sleep Health Consumer Panel comprised of people who, at minimum, have trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep.

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How Can Anyone Forecast Trends?

With SXSW in full swing down in Texas, there will be many articles published about “trends” coming from the conference that we should all be aware of.

This begs the question: How does Campos (or anyone, for that matter) forecast trends?

From the outside, it can seem like guess work. How can someone know what consumers will want a year from now, or which developments businesses should scale earlier rather than later in their life cycles? Well, we don’t claim to be clairvoyant, but there is a way in which we can do just that.

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Know Your Audience: What Trial Attorneys Can Learn from Marketers

Here’s the reality of the situation: If you are not currently using market research tools to help you prepare for trial, it is highly likely that your opponent is.

At Campos, we have had more requests for focus groups for pre-trial preparation this year than ever before. For attorneys, collecting potential juror reaction to a case prior to actually putting it in front of a jury is quickly becoming as recognized a practice as taste-testing for consumer packaged goods. But, as with all things new, there are lessons to be learned by those who have walked that road before.

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Our New Whitepaper - Meet the Market in the Middle

Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen once declared that the market a business is targeting is the most important factor to the company’s success or failure. Not the product itself, not the team behind it—the market.

At Campos, we know recruitment is becoming increasingly more complex as target audiences become narrower and harder to find. When confronted with delivering a difficult audience, Campos couples our decades of expertise with creativity to resolve the challenge. Our team pairs both innovative and traditional recruitment methods with creative engagement tactics to ensure that your research goals are met using the best possible group of respondents.

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