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Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting can help prepare for not only the stressful and busy time of the year, but the rest of the year as well. But to know if demand forecasting is what you need, it’s important to understand what it can do. And why your company may benefit from putting it into practice.

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Would a Chip of Another Crunch Taste as Fresh?

It may come as no surprise to marketers of consumer packaged goods that there’s a whole field of research dedicated to studying perceptions of the sounds and shapes of products. The goal in all of this is to help producers benefit from multi-sensory perception of products—from their color, the shape of their packaging, the sounds they emit, and the feelings (touch and emotional) they give us—in order to evoke an appealing impression of the brand.

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Separating Myth from Fact in Generations

Over the past several years we’ve been often asked about Millennials, largely because they have actually become the largest generation —80 million people in their early 20s to early 30s - so everyone wants a piece of them. However, it has become clear that much of what has been characterized is more myth than fact.  Relying too much on what becomes conventional wisdom is a mistake that was made with millennials, but should be one we all learn from. 

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Premium Singles Are Changing the World

In 2016 we released a report on the subgroup of college-educated millennial women who represent a historically distinct phenomenon worth marketers’ focused attention. We called them Premium Singles. 

Now more studies are finding that these Premium Singles are using their distinctive levels of disposable income to shape the beginning of their lives as young working professionals and — whether they are aware of this fact or not — to shape the lives of the people around them.

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