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The Media Industry is an Example of the Need for Customer Segmentation

Yesterday on public radio’s 1A, they covered the cuts that swept through the media industry over the past few weeks. An estimated 2,100 media workers were laid off across many different news outlets generally blamed on “market forces.” Many, however, pointed the finger squarely on two digital giants. Google and Facebook are taking in more than half of the total revenue from digital advertising.

A deeper look from on of the show’s guests points toward the need to see past just base metrics and find the ways to truly connect with their customers. We’re big believers in having nuanced conversations that help to reveal small but mighty growth segments, alongside those to maintain, and those that can receive less investment.

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Amazon Just Introduced Business Prime—Here’s Why that Matters for Every B2B Company

Last week,Amazon launched Business Prime, giving customers of its industrial supply division access to the free two-day shipping benefit that has garnered regular (consumer) Amazon Prime more than 80 million members.

Why are B2B shoppers flocking to Amazon Business? Because today’s B2B buyer is behaving much more like B2C consumers, transferring all their everyday online shopping customer experience expectations to their workplace requirements.

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