Why Do Market Research in Pittsburgh? Let the Residents Tell You

Pittsburgh is a go-to market for many companies and organizations considering where to do market research for their products and services.

Why choose Pittsburgh? We know it’s a great place to live and has more than once been called the Most Livable City in the USA. We know the people here are friendly and helpful (see this PopCity story, “Why you should say hello to strangers in Pittsburgh”!)

But what is it about Pittsburgh people and what they have to say that makes them such valued research participants?

We asked VO!CE of the Region, our online community of Southwestern PA residents who share thoughts and opinions on current events each week on our polling site. Here's what they had to say:

"When you ask an opinion of a Pittsburgher, you are getting an opinion with a rich history behind it. Our parents were the WWII generation, raised during the Depression and Patriotic to a fault. We grew up hearing their stories, learning a discipline and a pride that is predominant in this area. We were taught to work, to be grateful to God and to this country. We were taught to be honest, and to help others when you are able. Try stopping someone downtown and ask for directions. You will get those directions, and usually a story about what building "used to be" there as well. Sometimes a Pittsburgher will even offer to take you there themselves to make sure you get there. Our reputation for honesty & thoughtfulness is why big companies often turn to Pittsburgh for an honest opinion." –Joan E.

"I think Pittsburgh is a great place for marketing research because the population is inherently friendly, caring and helpful. Many of our ancestors were immigrants, a hard-working group of people. We take initiative and always try to make a better life for ourselves...We are adaptable people from a city that has its roots in manufacturing. We learned to grow into a medical, corporate and cultural city when our industrial jobs went away. Not only did we learn to 'make do' with what we had, we also learned to turn it into something better." –Edie

"We do not see things as we wish they could be. We see things as they are. If we like something, we will speak up. If we don't like something, we will speak up. Pittsburgh is best reflected in a single word: Truth. We believe in truth as a city and as a people. As Mark Twain said, “If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.” Ask us anything. We'll tell you the truth." –Ray

"Pittsburgh has a wide variety of people living here - blue and white collar; all ranges of pay scales; within the region you have everything from urban corporate workers to farmers; basically, a wide range of Americana to select from. Pittsburghers don't sugar coat their opinions. Ask at your own risk, you will hear exactly what they think, not what they think you want to hear (like it or not)." –Mike L.

"Pittsburgh area diversity provides a representative cross-section of the country, and we give honest, decisive opinions." –Bill C

"People from Pittsburgh are real. They feel no need to act like someone or something they are not." –Myrnah

"Pittsburgh represents Middle America: honest, down-to-earth, straight-forward individuals (who) choose to live and work in many of the same neighborhoods where their parents and grandparents lived. Even when they must move out of the area they still maintain their strong bond with the community, their friends and family. (Think Steeler Nation) All this makes the people here unique and it shapes their opinions in ways no other regions of the country can ever match." –Ken

"People in Pittsburgh grew up in large families; if you didn't speak up then you got left out. So when yens guys ask a question, us guys will give yens an answer. (T)hat’s if we’re not goin’ dawntawn a’nat." –John D.

"There are roots of a strong work ethic (in Pittsburghers), combined with a sense of an honest estimation of themselves. They appreciate things and convey (their thoughts) with a passion and commitment. They know who they are and what works and what they want out of life." –Kim

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