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Customer Experience Impacts Resonate Across Industries

No company or organization is immune from the relentless drive toward improving customer experience. That drive extends across all industries and categories and the customer sees no industry silos.

The continuous resetting of expectations has, of course, made it to the healthcare industry. If healthcare organizations are going to view their enterprises as customer-centric organizations, they must see the wide range of expectations that are set across the entire ecosystem. It is key to recognize that the patient experience has to be developed from higher than the internal department level, or the inpatient unit level, or even by the clinical transaction being executed. Consider the impact on Southwest Airlines if ONLY their baggage handling system had received a mandate to be customer centric?

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What are the Next Steps for Healthcare CX?

Healthcare administrators have reached a plateau. They’ve made big efforts to improve HCAHPS scores, but what used to work, isn’t getting the results they need. Using our experience in healthcare data analytics to identify key customers and visualize their behavior and then integrating that knowledge with a variety of market research techniques to personally engage the patients, we have been able to enable organizations to envision a better experience through the eyes of their customers.

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