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Cosmic Spaghetti on Pittsburgh's buses

With our recent work for the Port Authority of Allegheny County, we’ve been paying extra attention to what’s going on in and around the buses in Pittsburgh. We’ve observed in great detail how impressive the bus operators are. They deal with a lot of tough situations, and not all of them come from bad drivers or snowstorms.

One thing we may have taken for granted is how much fun the bus seats in Pittsburgh are. CityLab, a consistent repository for interesting and entertaining articles about urban planning and city life has an excellent look at “The Good, Bad, and Ugly Public Transit Seat Covers of the World.” And right there with London, Oslo, Istanbul, and Berlin is what they call the “cosmic spaghetti” of the Port Authority’s buses.

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On the Ground and In the Air: Perspectives of CX

We’re in the business of people — identifying who they are to a company, segmenting them to learn more about their lifestyle, and determining the drivers that either help or hinder their motivation to do something. 

As a team that travels back and forth across major cities, we know for a fact that there are two things sure to hinder anyone’s motivation: running late to board a flight and baggage claim. The Pittsburgh International Airport has just unveiled their plans to transform every Pittsburgh traveler’s customer experience and solve for these two huge pain points, among many others.

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Bus Operators Are An Impressive Bunch

As we’ve been studying the Port Authority to help the Port Authority in their rebranding process, we’ve all been paying a little more attention on our daily commutes.

We won’t reveal any spoilers for our research, but one thing is clear: driving a bus is always hard and driving one in Pittsburgh is extra hard. An interview with Jill Smallwood, a Port Authority bus operator opens an even greater window into the other aspects of driving the bus - the parts of the job that hardly have anything to do with staying under the speed limit or keeping the bud from sliding on ice.

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