Brand Identity vs Brand Strategy

Knowing exactly what a brand was used to be easy. The word had just one meaning. It was the mark that determined how one farmer knew his cattle from that of the farmer down the road. Now the term has come to mean so much more and with that expanded definition has come a slew of ways to misunderstand it. 

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Keeping Your End of the Data Bargain

Among the most frequent grievances we hear about these days comes from customers who are disappointed when the brand they have a relationship with doesn't seem to know it. The trade we’ve all made in the digital age is simple (though perhaps should be more controversial) - we give data to companies and with it they make our lives a little easier.

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Would a Chip of Another Crunch Taste as Fresh?

It may come as no surprise to marketers of consumer packaged goods that there’s a whole field of research dedicated to studying perceptions of the sounds and shapes of products. The goal in all of this is to help producers benefit from multi-sensory perception of products—from their color, the shape of their packaging, the sounds they emit, and the feelings (touch and emotional) they give us—in order to evoke an appealing impression of the brand.

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Separating Myth from Fact in Generations

Over the past several years we’ve been often asked about Millennials, largely because they have actually become the largest generation —80 million people in their early 20s to early 30s - so everyone wants a piece of them. However, it has become clear that much of what has been characterized is more myth than fact.  Relying too much on what becomes conventional wisdom is a mistake that was made with millennials, but should be one we all learn from. 

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Premium Singles Are Changing the World

In 2016 we released a report on the subgroup of college-educated millennial women who represent a historically distinct phenomenon worth marketers’ focused attention. We called them Premium Singles. 

Now more studies are finding that these Premium Singles are using their distinctive levels of disposable income to shape the beginning of their lives as young working professionals and — whether they are aware of this fact or not — to shape the lives of the people around them.

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The Automatic Zone

With the many sources of information bombarding us all the time, our brains are still programmed to prioritize—with virtually zero conscious thought—the sound or smell of fire burning nearby, for example, or even the much more subtle sound of twigs breaking as something sneaks up on us. Without too much contemplation, we all intuitively understand that this sort of lightening-fast unconscious thought will generate an automatic flight response that will override virtually any other activity our brains may have been engaged in—even sleep for that matter.

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Seeing the Whole Picture on Reducing Teen Vaping

We have seen the evolution of research and its relationship to effective marketing develop in real time, and in the interest of remaining in a leadership role, behavioral science has been a constant point of discussion in our offices.

It seemed for a while like maybe we had all figured out how to deal with tobacco. Use has plummeted, especially among younger users. Then came vaping.

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Winning with Your Customer: What You Need to Know

A common statement that we hear from our clients is, “We want to win with the customer.” What spurs this conversation is, usually our client observes their customers' changing behavior, like switching to a competitor or they’re making more infrequent transactions. While there may not be a clear indicator of why this behavior is occurring, what all of our clients know intuitively is that the first step to winning with the customer starts--very simply--with better understanding the customer.

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Lessons on Humanity, from a Cyborg

This month’s edition of New York Magazine has a great article about how podcasts have become an essential form of modern media. This gives a great motivation to talk about a great old podcast. The story centers on Thad Starner and the impact of a self-invented technology on his life. Thad was one of the first cyborgs.

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Research Done Right Leads to a Happy Life

Nicole Dieker says that moving from Seattle to Cedar Rapid was “the best $5,929.10 I ever spent.”

How she decided to make the move is a story of, among many things, great research. The same type of great research that we recommend for clients all the time. She found a methodology that helped her really understand what the move was going to feel like.

We talk about how good CX planning can impact a business. Nicole has shown that the same type of planning is just a good idea generally.

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Your Website Visitors Have Something Important to Tell You

Though some forms of User Experience Research have been in existence for just about as long as Campos has—close to 30 years—now, more than ever, we are seeing an overwhelming need for this specialized area of research.

Clients are coming to us with all kinds of problems where user research can help: they have a website that has been launched and their analytics show that users are dropping off on a certain page, so they would like to understand why, or they’re revamping their site with a whole new design and want to find out what users like or don’t like about it. Whatever the problem may be, companies are realizing that the importance of their customer-facing digital platforms is a key component to their brand’s communications, integrity, and ultimate success.

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Consumer Opinion Data: Getting Creative at Crunch Time

Pollsters working on political campaigns have always placed a premium on rapid access to public opinion data. Our clients’ need to obtain actionable consumer opinion data and insights within 24-48 hours has increased exponentially. Four types of decision-makers are coming to us for quick-turn information they can use, each with obstacles they find hindering their process.

The challenges for all of them are two-fold: first, how can it be done affordably? Second, how can strategic insights, in addition to data, be gathered so that the value proposition increases?

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Look Back At A Forward Looking Article

Sometimes it’s good to take another look back at something that changed the way you think. An article from four years ago in the Harvard Business Review by David Edelman and Marc Singer is one that deserves another look. In it, they offer some of the most interesting and cogent observations on Customer Journey Planning that we had read before and perhaps still to this day: “Competing on Customer Journeys.”

We highly recommend you read the whole article, and, to motivate you to do so, here’s the spoiler: According to Edelman and Singer, customer journeys are “…becoming central to the customer’s experience of a brand—and as important as the products themselves in providing competitive advantage.” Pretty compelling stuff.

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