We explore your
users’ experience.

At Campos, we recognize that in order to successfully compete, digital products, services, and websites must accurately understand—and then reflect—their users' expectations and experience.

Why start with user experience research?

User experience research (UX-R) provides the measurable insights and feedback that is fundamental to your success.

We believe the development of innovative user experience is an iterative process based on research, and we test at every stage of the development process. But most often we are called in during the early, conceptual stages of development to provide qualitative insight with actual your customers. But, most often, we are called in during the early, conceptual stages of development to provide qualitative insight with your actual customers, an added value that makes our research-driven approach to user experience research unique.


What is CamposUX-R?

CamposUX-R is our signature multi-stage methodology for user experience research. What makes our approach unique?

Unbiased, third-party insights. Increasingly, digital agencies and developers are relying on outside research firms to conduct usability testing. The benefits of gaining access to professionally developed benchmarks and agnostic research prior to launch far outweigh the costs associated.

Behavioral economics/decision science as a foundational underlay. Insights and knowledge gained from these fields of study—understanding the differences between what people say and do—profoundly impacts the measurement of user experience. We have unique expertise in this area.

Recruiting your actual end users. With our experience in recruiting, you can be sure you are speaking to the right people, from the actual priority customer for your product or service to even your competitor’s customer.

Here’s how it works:

User experience is iterative. It begins in the early stages with concept testing to capture broad attitudinal response, and gradually moves to more behavioral research that documents the customer’s interaction with the experience.

What is Usability Testing? User Experience Research And UXR Methods Chart