Customer Experience Strategy

We partner with organizations to envision and create better experiences by viewing them through the eyes of customers.

These days, your customer’s experience will make or break your company.

Savvy organizations know that to create value they must proactively understand and intentionally design these experiences. But they don’t always know how to harness their data and resources in order to effectively accomplish this. That’s where Campos comes in.

We help companies to focus CX efforts on the strategies that will drive the greatest value for both the organization and the customer. Using our vast experience in data analytics and market research techniques, we enable businesses in high-touch industries to cut through their complex data sets and envision a better experience through the eyes of their customers.

By approaching CX from a diagnostic perspective, we give voice to the customer and provide unbiased guidance on how to enhance their journey to drive loyalty and share of wallet. We’re strategists, not implementers, so you can be confident that our only objective is to understand what drives your customers’ behaviors and to help you harness these behavior drivers to grow your business.

We’ve Helped Clients Build Excellent Customer Experiences.

Designing an Ideal Experience for a New Therapeutic Device

A healthcare start-up was preparing to launch a new wearable device. Given the product’s complex set-up process, the organization needed to ensure the initial customer experience was as simple as possible. Campos collaborated with the organization’s innovation team to conduct a series of customer engagements with the product in order to identify painpoints during set up and initial use. The research uncovered unexpected issues related to device assembly but also identified workable solutions.


Deeply Understanding the Customer Drives Growth

A national gaming organization partnered with Campos to distinguish itself through a deep understanding of and commitment to the customer. Campos conducted secondary, qualitative, and quantitative research projects to identify current and future customer segments and their motivations, ascertain competitive advantages, understand the impact of changing regulatory environments, and more. 

Our Latest Thoughts on Customer Experience