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We uncover the powerful insights organizations need to fuel smart strategies.

Sound strategy is grounded in a clear understanding of the context in which strategic choices will be executed and the ability to anticipate the likely impact the resulting actions will have on customers and prospects. While no one has yet invented a crystal ball to predict the future, there are a range of data analytics and market research techniques that can be used to illuminate the needs, attitudes, perceptions, expectations, and external forces that drive customer and prospect behaviors.

Campos’ thirty-year heritage as a market research firm makes us adept at using these techniques to uncover and interpret the clues organizations need for informed strategic decision making, and our seasoned strategists are experts at connecting these clues across multiple pieces of research and analysis to identify strategic opportunities for organizations. Because of our deep experience with a wide range of methodologies, we can recommend the right approach based on the larger strategic questions or challenges facing your organization.

We specialize in helping clients derive insights from complex data sets, giving voice to customers and their needs, and making human motivations visible. We employ a diverse array of traditional and more innovative methodologies to do this.

Our team of top researchers and analysts deliver insights to our clients

Church Employs Segmentation to Understand Worshipper Needs

Places of worship across many denominations are seeking ways to better engage their congregations. Leading organizations have engaged Campos to help them begun using the tools of marketing to better understand what their congregations expect and to develop ways to better deliver an experience that will keep them engaged. Campos has worked with a number of churches across denominations to conduct data analytics using Sunday check-ins and donor activity, to apply household level segmentation and build personas, and to conduct detailed worshipper studies that help churches made decisions based on comprehensive congregation input.


New Restaurant Chain Expanding Into New Markets

As a new casual restaurant chain prepared for a national expansion, the organization and their ad agency engaged Campos to establish the baseline for critical brand metrics and to monitor the maintenance of these KPI’s as the market expansion occurred. Campos has also advised the brand on the implications of market changes in their category and in competitive markets.

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