Campos Research Strategy

We are a research-driven strategic brand planning firm that provides a complete spectrum of marketing and business planning services to our clients. At Campos, you partner with an integrated team of data scientists, premier primary and secondary researchers, and seasoned strategists who work collaboratively to solve your most complex business problems. We use a wide variety of research tools and methodologies as the building blocks of your brand plan, your customer strategy, or your next market innovation.

We inspire and innovate your brand.

Never before have brands been called upon to respond to market change at the speed that they are today. Between new competitors entering the market and outside innovation driving the need to pivot on a dime, what used to be a three to five year brand planning cycle is now every two years—if you’re lucky. At Campos Inc, we take the responsibility for brand planning very seriously. When organizations come to us for brand planning, they do so because they understand that their brand is much bigger than today’s creative execution.

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    Trusted Brands Are Built From the Inside-Out

    Recently, I had the good fortune to present at Gallup’s world headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska…. Keep Reading

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    New CEOs Assess Brand Equity.

    Often, when a new CEO or CMO joins an organization, one of the first things they do is assess the status and value of their new brands… Keep Reading

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    Branding by Life Stage

    There are many valid approaches to brand planning and development. And, depending on the life stage of your business, one may be more appropriate for your business or brand… Keep Reading

We optimize your options.

We adhere to the belief that strategy is simply this: “An integrated set of choices that uniquely positions the firm in its industry so as to create sustainable advantage and superior value relative to the competition” (Michael Porter). By this definition, then, strategy is all about choices. And winning strategy is about making clear, distinctive, and proactive choices that will build value for your organization. Let’s take that one step further: The best leaders and organizations engage in making integrated choices; that is, by evaluating the set of choices at hand and through integrated thinking, connecting the dots between them to define the BEST possible choice. Sometimes this involves choosing one option over the other. Often this involves imagining how elements of multiple options can work together to maximize impact. In an ideal world, this involves identifying a blue ocean strategy where your organization can win well ahead of your competitors.

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    Non-profits Win Big by Using Business Planning Tools

    More and more non-profits are embracing the value of business planning tools and market research techniques… Keep Reading

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    Surprise Revealed Legacy Brand Equity

    When the steel industry was upended in the U.S., a large number of related manufacturing industries were strongly affected, and a wave of mergers occurred… Keep Reading

We re-route your customer’s journey.

The old adage, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” is the critical starting point for customer journey management. Deeply understanding how your customer gets from point A to point Z within your organization is the first step. Only then can you begin to figure out where the pain points lie, where opportunity is being lost, and, ultimately, how to strategically re-route the journey in order to prevent or minimize the consideration of competitors.

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    Customer Journey is the New Brand

    For anyone who missed it, and before 2015 becomes a distant memory, I want to recommend what I believe to be a pivotal article of the last year… Keep Reading

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    But you know me!

    One of the most frequent complaints we hear from consumers these days about their interactions with brands is their frustration when the organization or brand they supposedly have a “relationship” with doesn’t seem to “know them.”… Keep Reading

We educate the educators.

We help colleges, universities, and affinity groups develop effective strategies to navigate rapid changes in higher education with confidence.

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    How market research can answer the top 10 questions higher ed professionals have right now.

    We all know that institutions of higher education place a supreme value on research—just not always for or about themselves! Keep Reading

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    Is There a “Gap” in the Gap Year?

    When Malia Obama decided to take a “gap year” and delay attending Harvard University until 2017, I was a little surprised to see the explosion of articles and blog postings about it. Keep Reading

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    Higher Ed Branding Meets Destination Marketing

    I read a fascinating article last week in University at Buffalo’s college newspaper, the UB Reporter, “UB ready to tell its story worldwide–with Buffalo at the heart of it,” about how UB is launching a new identify and brand initiative, “Here is How” (see video, below). Keep Reading

We dig the story out of your data.

At Campos Inc we have a team of data scientists that know data–all types of data. But we always start with the most important: yours! Why should your planning process begin with your own data? Most organizations have vast quantities of data, but are often at a loss over what do with it. A common refrain we hear from organizations is, "My data is a mess." Nevertheless, it is the place to start. Enormous business intelligence is often overlooked because the task of mining the data appears monumental.

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    Diving into Existing Data Uncovers Previously Hidden Opportunities

    An historic leader in the manufacturing space plans to rapidly grow not only where they currently have a strong presence (U.S. and Canada), but to become a dominant player internationally as well… Keep Reading

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    Disney Calls It KidFluence

    A major topic of discussion among the world’s top brands attending the “Unleashing Data: Innovations in Marketing, Research and Insights” summit in New York this week has been the power of integrated streams of data in yielding huge insights… Keep Reading

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    American Made: Pittsburgh’s Fascination with Domestic Automobiles

    Gradually, Pittsburgh and the broader Southwestern Pennsylvania area has become one of the more fascinating test markets in the United States… Keep Reading

See the forest and the trees.

Before your next big initiative or research study, step back and get grounded in what is already known about your company, brand, idea, service area, or marketplace. Too often, companies embark on proprietary research without asking the question, “What research and data is already out there that can be useful to me in gaining insights relative to competitors or marketplace trends and ‘best practices’?” As it turns out, there’s a lot. But there’s an issue: Few organizations have the time, resources, or, most importantly, the skilled analysts to gather and synthesize this information into a comprehensive, actionable story with a 360-degree view.

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    Legacy Industries: Learning to Innovate

    A legacy leader in custom glass manufacturing was looking for an answer to the question, “Should we enter into a new marketplace, and if so, how do we proceed?”… Keep Reading

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    Brand Storytelling: Your Brand Narrative is Your Biggest Asset.

    No wonder that “synthesis” and “storytelling”are the top skills sought in new hires by The Coca-Cola Company… Keep Reading

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    The Marketing Opportunity of the Decade: The "Premium Single"

    The size and presence of the millennial generation of independent female earners represent one of the most under-recognized marketing opportunities of this decade… Keep Reading

We find answers in the analysis.

If your study was easy or your issue simple, you would “Do It Yourself.” At Campos Inc, we are trusted with the challenging studies and the complicated issues. We conduct your benchmarks or the critical studies that could change the direction of your brand. Why? Our strategists are uniquely trained to deeply study the results of your quantitative research. And to find the answers you need to make decisions for your brand, your business, or your issue.

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    Deep Divide Between Employers and Recent Hires on Preparedness in Business Soft Skills

    The Allegheny Conference on Community Development (ACCD) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation wanted an answer to a very important question that would inform the development of a pilot program in the greater Pittsburgh area: Which soft skills are most important for workplace success, and how prepared are recent college graduates in these soft skills (e.g. effective communications, teamwork, critical thinking, awareness of how the modern workplace operates, etc.)?… Keep Reading

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    Saving Higher Ed Institutions Money One Market Potential Study at a Time

    As a recent college graduate, I sometimes think back and ask myself, “Why did I ever take that random gen-ed class about Russian fairytales, and how did the school know that students would be interested in taking a course like this?”… Keep Reading

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    Customers are Driving-Thru for Healthier Food

    A local restaurant chain wanted to determine the reasons why their customers were increasingly driving through their restaurants’ take-out windows to get their meals… Keep Reading

We comprehend your customer.

The need to understand why your customer is behaving the way they are has never been more important.

While data and quantitative studies provide valuable clues to behavior, the imperative to actually talk to your customer has never been greater. Our CamposQUAL+ team of researchers is focused specifically on capturing your customers’ authentic and actual thoughts, opinions, and experiences through methodologies that are appropriately matched to the customer.

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    Lessons on Humanity…from a cyborg

    If you are one of the five million fans of the Serial podcast, and also got seduced into listening to the newer NPR podcast series, Invisibilia, I think this post will resonate with you… Keep Reading

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    Keeping Customers Awake in Big-Box Stores

    A large supplier of sleep-related products wanted to better understand customers’ sleep habits, purchasing influencers, and perception of products overall… Keep Reading

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    The Subway Generation

    A food services company for large institutions wanted to best service their college campus populations… Keep Reading

We explore your users’ experience.

At Campos, we recognize that, in order to successfully compete, digital products, services, and websites must accurately understand—and then reflect—their users' expectations and experience. User Experience Research (UXR) provides the measurable insights and feedback that is fundamental to your success. We believe the development of innovative user experience is an iterative process based on research, and we test at every stage of the development process.

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    How to give your customers the best online experience

    The author of a book is never the same person who edits it. This is because the author becomes closer to that finished product than anyone else; therefore, they are likely to overlook mistakes while editing… Keep Reading

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    Your website visitors have something important to tell you

    For those of you who may not be familiar with User Experience Research, I’ll give you a brief introduction: it is a form of research where websites, apps, and digital products or services are evaluated at any stage in the development process—and with actual users—to learn their behaviors and perceptions, measure usability, and ultimately gather insights into how a company can optimize their digital platform so that it is most appealing to its customers… Keep Reading

We ignite innovation from the inside out.

Today the pressure is on most every organization to "innovate or die." The pace of innovation required to keep your business stable and growing has never been faster. The average length of time a Fortune 500 company exists has declined from 61 years in 1958 to just 18 years today. What does that say about the rest of us? How will we remain relevant?

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    Designing the Perfect Product by Co-creating with Customers

    A large sporting goods retail brand wanted to develop a next generation prototype for active enthusiasts that reflected changing technology and outdoor lifestyles… Keep Reading

  • Case Stories

    Surprise Revealed Legacy Brand Equity

    When the steel industry was upended in the U.S., a large number of related manufacturing industries were strongly affected, and a wave of mergers occurred… Keep Reading

We define how your customers make decisions.

If conscious thought is NOT the source of your customer’s decision-making, what is?

A common refrain in behavioral economics: “We don’t think as much as we think we think!”

In essence, we are creatures of habit and creatures of behavior—not creatures of thought. Understanding how these predictable habits and behaviors will impact the ways that your customers interact with your product or brand is critical. Once understood, design thinking will help you outsmart your customer’s biases or, at the very least, not make you a victim of them.

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    To Understand Our Customer’s Automatic Zone, We Need to Get Out of Our Own

    Today I decided to challenge myself and write this post in a way that would keep you in your Automatic Zone… Keep Reading

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    Loss Trumps Optimism in “Inside Out”

    In Monday’s post, I went head-first into discussing what a magnificent job I think Pixar did providing us with vivid and personified examples of some of the key principles of behavioral economics in the new movie “Inside Out.”… Keep Reading

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    “Inside Out”: A Lively Depiction of Behavioral Economics in Action

    Leave it to Pixar to come up with what might be the most tangible expression of the foundational principles of Behavioral Economics we’ve ever seen… Keep Reading